Fábio Santos designs the match against Internacional and explains that he is known as a defender for Corinthians

Joking and greeting everyone in attendance, left-back (and even left-back) Dr. Fábio Santos CT Dr. Joaquim Grava is looking calm this Friday, as the leader of Brasileirão should be. THE Corinthians This Saturday, Internacional will face the first place in the standings, but none of today’s most important Brazilian classics has deprived the player of good humor.

“We know there was a lot of competition, it’s a very tough match, Beira-Rio is always complicated. Let’s take advantage of this good moment to try and earn three points in the lead. Then it’s time to think about Boca, we know that our goal is to qualify as soon as possible, not to leave for the last lap, but then we will think about it “, began the defender.

Timão has a tough time ahead of him: this Saturday, in addition to facing Internacionali, at 19:00 (Brazilian time), at the Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre, for the sixth day of the Brazilian Championship, the team will travel to Buenos Aires. Aires, who will visit Boca Juniors, Bombonera, for Libertadores. The other Sunday, there is a classic against São Paulo at home.

Asked what he has been up to this morning and how he will be in this tough sequence, he joked: .It’s an important game, a classic that we have to win, I play in Bonbonera and I also maintain the leadership “.

Fábio also took the opportunity to explain his familiarity as a defender. The difference was used in the middle of the week, when the team won the Portuguesa-RJ and secured the quarter-finals of the Brazilian Cup.

“I finally played with a third defender against Fortaleza, but I trained before. There’s a chance. Vitorri likes to use other schemes, he changes the game. I felt good. I have the same theory, but only me. Trains, games, whether you can play I don’t get used to it. I’m already used to it. When I went up to São Paulo, I played there, Cicinho went up a lot. It’s not a position. It’s new to me, “he said.

See other excerpts from Fábio Santos’ press conference:

Reunion with Mano Menezes

“He’s a guy I have a very special love for, we had a close reaction from the Corinthians. Galon, we were often confronted when he was in Cruzeiro. It will be nice to meet again. ”

points away from home

“Outside the home, Vitor asks us a lot, we know it’s difficult, we’ve tried to find that balance. A team that wants to win titles has to play well at home and away. ”

Brazilian leadership

“Yes, Corinthians can be a candidate for a conquest, the greatness of the club requires it, and the fact that they are now ahead in the last round of championships makes a difference, but it is clear that it is still too early. It doesn’t change much to be first or sixth, but we want to be on top in as many rounds as possible. ”

training and activities

“It’s calmer now, it was more complicated at first. It’s different from what we were used to in Brazilian football here, but we adapted very quickly. Now everything is set up according to the rules. “


“It’s normal to be a little weird at first, we gradually got to know Vítor. But the team is supporting in a good way, increasing the wide range of opportunities. We were very easy to understand the game proposal, we were buying his and the board’s idea. It all makes it easier to keep up with the results. ”

“It’s hard to accept that (rotation), it’s natural to feel more worn out, it’s harder to recover. In my fourth game in a row, I’m so sorry. The rotation is going great, I keep the level high, having this rest, this rotation. We understand a lot about how it works. The positive result has also been easier to accept. ”

Prioritize competitions

“We have to work from game to game, see the phases, the clashes and the opponents. The coach knows how to use the player, which is better at that moment. We will know later if we will prioritize a competition, we will compete three times ”.


“I actually know everyone in my relationship with management, we haven’t talked about it, actually because I want to see the conditions I get at the end of the year. If they think it’s helpful for me to continue, so can I. But I think I can play another year at a high level. I haven’t thought about it yet, here at Corinthians or another club. “

the crowd

“We’re so used to Corinthians fans, this passion, it’s good that sometimes someone remembers the sacrifice of the fans for being in the stadium. It’s nice to have that happen, because some players who have more time at home already know that. This story is beautiful, she is completely in love, the Corinthians fan is really passionate. After returning to the stadiums, the numbers are staggering. Thank God we have fans in the stadiums. ”

candy box

“Bonbonera is a popular stadium where players dream of playing. They are waiting for this moment, it is only on Tuesday

Exchange experiences with young people

“It’s been very natural, we have a good age difference, over 20s, over 30s. The relationship we have is very good, they are the players who listen, who ask questions, whether they like it or not, just because of their age. the spirit is a boy. They also teach us a lot, they have a very good relationship, they are very easy to deal with ”.

Palmeiras, Flamengo and Atletico-MG stumble

“They are candidates for the title. We know that the Brazilian, his competitiveness, the more points he gets in the beginning, will tell us why we will fight. There we will finally know what we are going to fight for. ”

Roger Guedes

“Actually, there’s not much to say. Our daily life is so good, so quiet, Róger with everyone. I think this request is natural, there are good and bad moments, the fans love you and then they don’t. He has to give a positive response on the field. Behind the scenes, the relationship is wonderful. This lack of commitment cannot exist here. The fan can be very calm with this, I am a guy who cares a lot about the environment. We will solve any problem, calmly ”.

the penalty failed

“I didn’t train the day before, we trained in Colombia, it was very hard, I’m superstitious, I already thought something was going to go wrong. The pitch was very soft, I kicked the ball, the support foot … I put more strength, it finally went up. I’m training to keep these things from happening, but I can’t wait to hit another penalty as soon as possible. If I’m on the field, I want to play. “


“Gil gives you more experience, more shooting, he positions himself better. Raul will give you more imposition, he’s younger, they both have good things. I think the committee has no problem putting one side or the other.”

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