Fábio doesn’t look disappointed in the first goal and regrets being sent off in Fluminense’s defeat: “It hurt a lot” | fluminense

After Fluminens beat Atlético-GO 2-0 last Saturday in the Maracanã for the Brazilian Championship, goalkeeper Fábio watched the match and believes he did not miss his opponent’s first goal, Jefferson hit a shot of rare happiness. out of range. According to the 41-year-old archer, the ball had an impact, eventually killing his chances of defense.

– The ball didn’t go over me, it was on the side. It was closed on the right side, which is the correct location, but it got the effect. The merit of the athlete who managed to play, the ball was difficult. So much so that where he then had a frontal ball, much easier, he caught it wrong and threw it to the stands.

– These are things in football, we should also value athletes who are able to finish like he did, just like when we do salvation. I tried, I jumped, but for her own good. Keep working and dedicating yourself to helping Fluminense, that’s the most important thing. The goal is to win titles and take advantage of this opportunity to wear a Fluminens T-shirt.

The Fluminens goalkeeper also made it clear that if the team hadn’t played more than 70 minutes with one man less, the story of the match would have been different.

Jefferson celebrates goal at Fluminense vs Atletico-GO – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

– It’s a huge weight. We were preparing for a difficult match, the team is qualified, so we should stand out in every aspect, as we did against Atlético-MG, in order to win. We had two chances to score when the game was the opposite of eleven, but we didn’t.

– It would be a much better chance to win if there were no knockouts, it would be a great match, I have no doubt about that. Unfortunately, it hurt a lot, we scored a goal, it brought even more weight to the already difficult match.

The Fluminens goalkeeper also praised the tricolor fans, despite their failure to support the team, and said that this recognition for the next match is strengthened.

All Fluminense vs Atletico-GO goals

– We are sad that more fans came, they sang occasionally, especially at the end. That reinforces that for the next game, but despite the ups and downs, we have to do our best to pay tribute to the Fluminens shirt. Dedication, running, even with one or two players less. We have tried our best to overcome the difficulties. We had three good chances at the end of the game, Atlético-GO had another, but we gave a lot to keep the running back in defense and attack. This is what Fluminense wants to be at the top of the table. Even with defeat, we have positive things and this will strengthen us to seek victory against America.

42nd minute - Fábio do Fluminense's difficult defense against Atlético-GO

42nd minute – Fábio do Fluminense’s difficult defense against Atlético-GO

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Asked about joining Cruzeiro in the Brazilian Cup, Fabio said the focus is now on América-MG, the club’s next opponent.

– In my career, my thinking has always been the same: game by game, thinking day by day. That extended my career. I take advantage of this great opportunity that Fluminens gave me and my thought was today, now it is against America. At the right time, I will think about the Brazilian Cup.

In search of rehabilitation, next Wednesday, Fluminens will visit América-MG, Independêncian, on Wednesday at 21:30 (Brasilia time) before starting a marathon match in Rio de Janeiro Brasileirão. With 14 points, the team missed the chance to touch the G-4 and is in eighth place, but could still lose three places, according to the rest of the return.

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