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In a cauldron, take some unexpected results and throw. Hit them with a significant number poorly performing captainsa pinch Underestimated SG and injuries to good level players. Mix well. As long as it’s ready 9th round postman despairwhose numbers, still partial, are indicated the lowest average score in the league so far.

However, hopes of smoothing over the tragic journey remain. Tonight at the Nilton Santos Stadium Botafogo receives Goiás, A game that goes beyond the hope of alvinegra to get into the G4 and the emerald desire to escape the relegation zone. Specifically, the eyes of the 1,004,497 ticketers are on striker Erison, who has already scored five goals in the net for Brasileirão and could be the salvation of many people.

Erison, hope for Bota and a bunch of top champions – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

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+ Boot buys 30% more Erison rights and advances for renewal

Rio de Janeiro club striker – fifth captain of this round (out of 170,053 teams) – has good indicators in addition to the goals and support already provided. He averages 7.38 points per game, although this is higher outside the home -9.16 to 4.40- than inside. It is also very important for Luis Castro’s team: according to Gato Mestre’s statistics, El Toro Bota alone accounts for 14.84% of the points earned in the clashes.

Expectation increases if we consider that Goias played three away games for Goiás, with Midwest conceding goals in all of them.. There were a total of seven, averaging 2.33.

Erison Cartolan after the 8th round – Photo: Cartola

The captain is the guy the postman trusts, isn’t he? Who has everything to shine and score well, taking advantage of double performance, right? Well, in the 9th round, so far, it hasn’t worked that way.. The analysis confirms the performance of the four most promoted captains:

Calleri – São Paulo (-2.30):
The opposite HawaiiRessacadan, Argentine – 9th round captain, out of 838,848 teams – Try it too. Three were presented, one defended and two away. In addition, he had a chance to score. The tournament’s top scorer, however, knocked on the door.

Calleri, São Paulo, penalty against Avaí

Pedro – Flamengo (0.30)
Round brought him the perfect picture: without Gabigol in the competition, he has Fla looking at the flashlight Strength at home, which sharpened the envelopes. Like Calleri, he could have scored from the penalty spot. He ended up with a barrier. He was the second most used captain in 692,908 teams.

    Pedro, from Flamenco, hit the post in a penalty kick against Fortaleza

Pedro, from Flamenco, hit the post in a penalty kick against Fortaleza

Bruno Henrique – Flamengo (0.10)
Always creative, he was also the hope of many people in the round, but he hardly participated effectively in the offensive arguments. So much so that he didn’t even shoot at the game he thwarted the 306,102 cards he was given.

Hulk – Atletico-MG (1.00)
O athleticThe name of the faith of a battalion in the cartel was very discreet palms. Captain in 184,706 teamshe, who is a regular at various events during matches, presented only a miserable delivery at Allianz Park.

Palmeiras vs Atletico-MG – Hulk in action – Photo: Marcello Zambrana / AGIF

The weird weekend of ticketing received a lot of criticism on social media. While some were impressed with the wave of low scores, there were those who tried to see the clear side of things.

It is noteworthy that in the very low score measured so far, there were other aspects that somehow helped. One of them was SG. Only five of the 18 teams that have played so far have achieved the feat. (Corinthians, YouthPalmeiras, Atletico-MG and International). Interestingly, the only goalless draw came in a duel of powerful attacks, Galo and Porco, which certainly prevented many people from betting on defenders.

Flamingo’s unexpected defeat at the Fortaleza lighthouse and the poor performance of his athletes also made it difficult for the cardholder, who had invested in many Rubro-Negro players.

What happens when a top scorer leaves a game quickly and suddenly? Less than 1,499,999 players were promoted against Raphael Veiga Atlético-MG, but Palmeirense was injured early in the game and scored just one point. Very little for the average 9.32 points when playing at home.

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