Ex Sports to release first Urbanball NFT mystery boxes exclusively on Binance NFT

This is an unmissable moment for the world of oppressed athletes and forgotten talents in the world of fungible sports and tokens (NFT), as Urbanball becomes the world’s first street football game built on BNB Chain. Urbanball NFTs are made up of character and skill cards, which are necessary to play the game.

  • The character cards are based on the real street football players who won and won their place in the individual (1v1) football tournaments in their home countries. These tournaments are organized by the two-time world champion in freestyle football, Sean Garnier, and his character will also be included in the list as the main draw.
  • Skill cards are made up of different football techniques that can be used to improve performance in the character game.

There will be a variety of game modes where users will compete with their characters in player-player and player-to-player battles, with winners winning special prizes.

Garnier has 19 million followers and 2,000 million video views and has teamed up with Ex Sports, a platform for fan participation, to give real athletes greater exposure and potential new revenue through innovative NFTs that can be used in future games.

Some NFT releases are planned for the year to prepare for the full December 2022 IGO set. Each release will feature new characters based on high-performance players and winners of the 1v1 football tournament, such as Adonias Fonseca, Mehdi Amri and Radheya Marca. , which has more than 5 million followers on social media. Tournaments are open to anyone from anywhere in the world.

The first NFT mystery box will consist of a character or skill card from the UK package and will be released exclusively in Binance’s NFT market on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at 11:00 UTC.

Ex Sports and Garnier launched the world’s first freestyle football NFTs at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Center, which was the largest and most exciting technology show of the year. Binance Blockchain Week was also held at the same venue from March 28 to 30, 2022.

In conjunction with NFT’s pre-launch, Ex Sports recently hosted a unique three-day tournament in partnership with Dubai Tourism and Redbull, competing with five of the world’s top street football talents and showcasing their tremendous skills. Each talent has been sought from a different country and taken to Dubai, and many will be part of Binance NFT’s initial NFT drop, allowing them to earn royalties through NFT.

The partnership between Binance NFT and Ex Sports was developed because they both recognize the potential to nurture new talent while contributing to the growth of sports niches. Ex Sports brings together sports IPs and aims to create an ecosystem that will be of real and beneficial use to the most vulnerable athletes.

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About Ex Sports

Ex Sports is a complete platform for fan participation in the NFT market, based on live streaming, gaming and e-commerce. A basic mission is to promote athletes in sports niches such as Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, weightlifting and street football, which have a large fan base but are often overlooked compared to top professional footballers. He is currently an NFL and NBA athlete. filling their pockets to win the new world of NFT and digital collections.

EX Sports is fighting for these poor people.

For more information, contact marketing@ex-sports.io.

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