Emilio mentions Zé Ricardo’s legacy and praises Náutico’s victory: “Today Vasco has been the coach” | Basque

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– First of all, I would like to mention who started the casting process, how to play, what was Zé Ricardo. A unique person in a way of dealing with everyone. I would like to mention it first. I don’t know if he’s already traveling, he’s at home, but I hope he saw a match of the work he started, “Emilio said in a press conference.

– We took a two-day job. Today Vasco was the coach of the match, Vasco is the team that arrived in December and today he is assembled within various processes that facilitate all the work. Today’s players are fully committed to Vasco’s work. Through this, I was able to represent all these processes, following up on everything that Zé Ricardo was doing, ”he added.

“Today I say that if Vasco had won away from home for a long time, after not conceding more than two goals for a long time, we would have managed a number of situations, precisely because the process was easier,” he concluded.

Emílio Faro, Náutico x Vasco – Photo: Rafael Vieira / AGIF

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Vasco Zé Ricardo is still looking for a name to take his place. Asked about the possibility of taking over Vasco, Emílio said firmly:

“I was hired by Vasco today to be a permanent technical assistant,” he said.

– What is the role of a permanent technical assistant? Provide a coach who is present in all situations indicated. And if there is no persistence, the coach’s departure, with the card, will be ready to replace Vasco da Gama on the side. I only took on the role of being hired today, ”he added.

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Young and experienced actors

The big secret is balance. Today we have experienced players, not only Nenê, but also Gabriel Dias, Anderson, Edimar. And we have young people. That’s a great recipe, with young players with experienced players. Over time, they create a state of interdependence, they need to use the best they have. In the case of young people, the impetus. And for the experienced, the path is round.

Football is written backwards. At the end of the game, we won. We will review this game several times, find positive and negative points, strengthen it for the athletes and direct it according to the arrival of the new commander. Or (my stay) to delay it a bit longer depending on the situation. What is plastic? From the moment he wins he creates a whole narrative of positive things. I changed the team, we scored two goals. If things hadn’t gone well, the narrative might have been different. But he is so established with the athletes that they understand the situation within the game, where we managed to come out with a positive result.

Football has a maxim that says we have until midnight to enjoy a game. After midnight, start thinking about the next game. At this very moment, in the face of such a sudden situation, we will enjoy this result away from home until midnight, which you enjoy as much as possible. From now on we will start thinking about all this.

Vasco’s fans are so big that it’s hard for us to play a game away from home. Let’s go where it is. Fans can be sure that they will go to various stadiums in Brazil and that this team will represent them in the best possible way. Leaving this game, in such a whirlwind, any certainty will be temporary.

Lineup for the next game

We go back to the processes. We will watch this game at least twice, see all the details without enduring the heat of emotion. And only then will we build our team, there will be many opportunities within what we observe.

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