Edenilson changed the name to ‘Monkey’ on Instagram

When the report was released that did not prove Rafael Ramos ’racist violation of Edenilson during the clash between Inter and the Corinthians, in May, for Brasileirão, the Internacional player said. On his Instagram profile, the midfielder posted a photo, posted and changed his profile picture and his name to “Monkey”-the racial slur he claimed he heard from the Portuguese full-back.

“Don’t they cover us? They’re already covered. If hurt, accept, swallow and dry. Pretend you haven’t heard, it’s an unfair fight, it’s an endless fight”, the player posted with a photo in which he is shown celebrating a cause with an anti-racist gesture But have an X in your mouth.

In profile, the changes are even more intense. In addition to putting as ID a photo of a black man covering his mouth with white hands, he changed his name to “Macaco Edenilson Andrade dos Santos”.

Picture: Multiplication

The player’s appearance was the result of a report from the General Institute of Forensics (IGP) that responded to a request from the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul. According to the work, the images presented are not enough to conclude what to say about the Corinthians midfielder on the gaucho team.

Edenilson, on Monday, also reinforced his version of the facts of TJD-SP’s testimony. Rafael Ramos argued that the Inter player was “wrong” in what he said in the second half of the match that was valid for the Brazilian Championship.

remember the case

Internacional and Corinthians played 14th, in Porto Alegre. On the field, midfielder Edenilson, from the home team, accused referee Braulio da Silva Machado of a racial insult to Rafael Ramos. The protest was recorded in a summary, a document that served as the basis for the arrest of the Portuguese player, even before the Inter player filed a complaint.

In summary, Braulio described what he heard from the players: “In the 31st minute of the second half, when the game stopped, I was notified. [por Edenilson] that you are against [Rafael Ramos], uttered to him the following words: ‘Fuck you, Monkey’. At this point, I stopped the game and called the players involved to report what had happened. Rafael Ramos admitted to having a misunderstanding because of his (Portuguese) accent and said he uttered the following words: ‘Fuck, fuck’. “

On Instagram, Edenilson said he “knows what he’s hearing” and that “this is the first time it’s happened” to him. “It bothers me that I continue to get attention in a way other than playing football: being cursed because of my skin,” he said. “I was looking for the athlete so he could come out and apologize to me. After all, we’re all wrong and we have a right to admit it, but he kept saying I understood wrong, I don’t understand. It’s wrong.”

The player spoke again about the case after the match against Independiente Medellín, when he scored two goals and celebrated with an anti-racist gesture. He said he was heavily convicted of making the complaint.

Rafael Ramos, who paid bail on the night of the Beira-Rio match, said the complaint Edenilson made was “purely a misunderstanding”. “I was here with a clear conscience and a clear head to explain what was going to happen. At the end of the game I went to talk to him, we had a quiet conversation. I explained what had happened, he explained what he had. I understood. I explained the truth. He showed the fear of pretending to be a liar, and I explained to him that he wasn’t lying, that he was just wrong. We shook hands, and I hoped he was okay. , “he said.

The investigation into the racial slur allegation was conducted by the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul, which earlier this week asked for pictures of the time Rafael Ramos was supposed to have committed the crime against Edenilson.

On May 18, the Senate Plenary approved a bill (PL 4,566/2021) that increased penalties for the crime of racial profiling in gaming activities. Currently, the Penal Code prescribes a penalty of one to three years in prison. The text calls for an increase in time to two to five years. The PL is addressed to the Chamber of Deputies.

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