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June 6, 2022

THE EBS FairHeld on June 1 and 2, it brought news, such as the release digital platformsnew spaces conventions, services and promotional items.

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THE 20th edition of the EBS Fair happened in Rebouças Convention Centerinside Sao Paulo and recorded, in an edition celebrating two decades of strategic ties, meeting the expectations of negotiators, exhibitors, speakers and organizers at 7280 business meetings.

The success of the exhibition space, which is full of news and destinations, and the availability of content on technology, training, mental health, inclusion, diversity and sustainability, for an audience of 1210 visitors, is supported by business professionals and managers. and 214 people who followed the broadcasts online MICE Congress.

EBS Fair It received more than 60 exhibitors from all over Brazil. Photo: Outreach

in the opinion of Tico Marcondes, Director of Evente-se EducaçãoIn a talk on “The Event Professional of Now,” which addressed the most anticipated capabilities of the market, another attraction of Arena Experience 1 came at a strategic time for EBS, which is the resurgence of the market.

According to him, the disruptions in the last two years have affected, among other things, the sectors logistics and productionlooking for innovation and collaboration as the company moves.

“Digital was seen as one of the cornerstones of corporate events. In this way, today, in return for face-to-face events, we have a wide range of opportunities to send to the customer, enabling greater public outreach. Marcondes pointed out.

Events a the whole journey for the event professional, with topics ranging from new technologies to mental health. Photo: Outreach

Ronaldo Ferreira Jr., Director of Um.a Diversidade CriativaHe was the presenter of the talk “How Diversity Can Protect People and Business NOW”, one of the topics that attracted the most participants. Arena Experience 2emphasizing the importance of different talent actions and the commitment of leaders and staff.

“Organizations and businesses are made by people, so when we represent different people in companies that consume the products and services of those companies, we create a strong value connection that humanizes processes, improves decision making, optimizes resources and, consequently, it takes advantage of the results, ”he said Ronaldo Ferreira Jr..

Ronaldo Ferreira Jr., Director of Um.a Diversidade Criativa. Photo: Outreach

THE EBS Fair he also had the presence of such important figures Celso Athayde, CEO of Favela HoldingE brought a very popular experience to the event.xpo Favela.

The professional took knowledge of the “Sharing Inspiration” panel on the 2nd of the month MICE Brazilian Congress.

Celso Athayde, General Manager of Favela Holding, organizer of Expo Favela. Photo: Outreach

in the case of Expo Favela he complemented the space with other success stories, such as SXSW 2022presented Camilo Barros, Head of Collaboration at Vid Miob and partner Tomorrow’s Instituteand mascot South Americaper Guilherme Martinez, head of the Nürnberg Messe Brazilian pet industry.

A is considered to be the strategic fair in the offering segment trip in update and knowledgein addition to being a showcase for the future Trends in technology, marketing, products and assistanceThe two-decade-old edition was also marked by issues that are increasingly driven by current corporate policies, such as discussions on the importance of diversity and the most urgent need to develop talent, among other topics.

in Arena Experience 1 and 2a EBS Fair He gave 26 lectures in various topics, including: “How Streaming Can Affect Learning in the Future of Learning with Gislaine Lima, Development Director of Alpargatas; Camila Almeida, Renas New Business Manager, Events, Travel and Incentives; Event Security Services – how to choose the right company ?, with Flavio Carreira, Director of Cava Vigilância e Seguranza; among many others. All had free access.

One of the highlights of the space Arena Experience 2, one of the content areas of the event, “Blockchain market and business development on WEB 3.0”, is one of the examples of topics highlighted by Heloísa Passos, specialist theme and CEO of SP4CE, highlighting market innovation trends.

On the other hand, André Siqueira, co-founder of RD Station, a leading Latin American marketing automation company, gave a talk on “Digital Marketing: Creating a Customer Machine” at Arena Experience 1. outreach is essential today to expand the customer base.

They were also part of it EBS Exhibition area with a presence of over 80 players presenting new products, services, technologies, spaces and destinations; yes Speed ​​MeetingThe traditional business table hosted more than 5,000 meetings, each lasting three minutes.

GL Events took a stand with complete solutions for the event production chain. Photo: Editorial staff

between players remarkable, has EBS Fair he participated GL Eventswho participated Leading trade fair for the events industry ordinary txosna offering all complete solutions of the company, which make up the whole productive chain of events.

A little telling take part in the company’s EBS, Michelly Serra, GL events Director of Commerce and Merchandise in Brazil stated that the company was happy with the flow of people, options and leads created.

“The post-pandemic moment is an important moment, it is a challenge for this return, but G, as a big company, has received great opportunities. The sales team is always working to capture and create new businesses, and there are high expectations for 2022 and, of course, 2023, ”said Michelly.

Michelly Serra, GL events Brazilian Sales and Merchandising Manager. Photo: Editorial staff

About disorderly recovery of events sectorafter a two-year pandemic and high repressed demand, Michelly believes this is a phase of readjustment.

“Because of this return, of course, many events were prevented during this pandemic. We are now back with a high volume, high demand, low utilities, including low labor, there is difficulty in labor, but we believe in a positive outcome. I’m looking for a new beginning, ”he concluded.

For more information on the subject dismissals and services among them and other companies, it is enough to consult the materials in the digital press of the event.

For success, Marcello Baranowsky, CEO of Grupo EBSThe 2023 edition envisages “maintaining the format and diversity of program content”. The date for next year has already been chosen: June 7th and 8th, again at the Rebouças Convention Center in São Paulo.

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