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The launch is taking place in the Spanish Bit2Me crypto exchange, which has just arrived in Brazil. (Image: Unsplash)

THE Dux will launch Dux Tokena next week, which aims to strengthen Latin America’s largest guild start Brazilian technology web 3.0.

Dux grew up last year with the introduction of gaming technology. “play-win”And scholarshipsto get investments Old Fashion Research and a world leader in games Animoca Markak for the deployment and development of gaming and web 3.0 technologies.

IEO or initial offer tokenhe did crypto exchange Spanish Bit2Me this Tuesday (10), and the brokerage itself is expected to make a sale in the secondary market in the coming days.

Currently, those who participated in the initial offer and acquired DUX can block it in Bit2Me exchange and receive 100% APY (annual return) on DUX tokens.

What are scholarships?

Scholarship owners are a role model NFTs provide loans to players who do not have the ability to make the initial contribution required to enter a game at that time and receive a percentage of the player’s profit in return for the service.

What will be the use of the DUX token?

DUIZ founder and CEO Luiz Octavio said in an interview with Cointelegraph Brazil that the startup’s token will offer its holders participation in Dux’s governing decisions.

Another feature will be to connect the entire community, including players, investors and researchers, around scholarship, treasury and digital wealth management tools.

the whole ecosystem Dux Tokena it will offer exchange products to its holders, such as currency-to-crypto currency conversions, digital asset exchanges -exchanges-, as well as functioning as a means of payment and offering decentralized financial functions such as participation and profit farming.

DUX will also provide launchpad and incubator services for new projects, promoting decentralization of fundraising, the company said.

Token owners will have access to reports on the GameFi ecosystem produced by the DUX research team.

And they will be able to experience exclusive metaberse experiences in Dux’s virtual spaces on the Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) platforms.

Guilds in Web 3.0

As the Dux team tells us Crypto Times, The development of web 3.0 implementation technologies is a phenomenon that has become feasible with its emergence. Bitcoin (BTC) 2008.

Since then, such new networks have been created Ethereum (ETH) facilitating protocols for the creation of tokens, Smart Contracts (smart contracts) that guarantee the conclusion of agreements between parties that do not know each other, and NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) that guarantee the exclusivity and ownership of one. the good.

All of this evolution coincided with gaming technology, which now uses web 3.0 products to ensure that an avatar belongs only to a specific player and to ensure the exclusivity of skin and equipment.

In-game tokens are a reality and can be bought and exchanged with in-game governance tokens, which can also be exchanged and exchanged for fiat currencies like the US dollar and Real.

Web 3.0 technology facilitated the existing economic development potential in the gaming world, and improved player interaction and payoff in games, creating games. play-win (play $$$ to win).

Axie Infinity was a pioneering game in this scenario, and several guilds were formed in several countries, such as the Philippines, where a large portion of the poorest population uses gambling as their main source of income.

In Brazil it was no different, several guilds were set up to play and today they are boosting the country’s economy.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that leaders in the virtual world have a direct impact on society and can be useful when a task is done through online platforms, just as inspiring as real life leaders.

Therefore, guilds show us that they are the right environment for exchanging knowledge and seeking information based on a hierarchical structure model.

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