Dudu says Cuca rejected Cruzeiro: ‘You can go back to base’

Photo: Marcos Michelin / EM / DA Press

Coach Cuca (left) coordinates striker Dudu (right) in training for Toca da Raposa II in 2011

Today in Palmeiras, striker Dudu said coach Cuca returned to the youth level in 2010 during Cruzeiro’s time. In an interview published this Tuesday (14). “Flow Sport Club”the 18-year-old then refused the coach’s request and said he would continue on the professional team.

“At one point, Cuca said, ‘I don’t want this guy, he can go back to base.’ I said, ‘No, I’m not going back to the base. I stayed there to train. A, Ney Franco invited me to Coritiba to play in Serie B. I think it was the best opportunity of my career. said the player.

Transferred to Coritiba, under the orders of coach Ney Franco, Dudu played 21 games and provided four assists. In addition to entering the first round, Coxa won Serie B of the Brazilian Championship with 71 points, four more than Figueirens, in 2nd place.

Forward on the Dudu Cruzeiro crossings

Come back

Shortly after winning the title, Ney Franco took on the Brazilian under-20 team and was named Dudu for the World Cup category. A starter and an important part of the team, the young striker stood out in the tournament with four goals. Brazil won the title against Portugal in the final with three Oscars.

In 2011, after a great season, coach Cuca asked him to return to Dudu Cruzeiro. However, the player scored 18 games, two goals and four assists that year in a sky-high jersey. That’s because Fox sold Dnamo Kiev to Ukraine.

“I also went back to the cruise because Cuca asked me to. He asked me to come back. But after a month and two months, I went to Dnamo. They sold me. But I got to Dnamon, very cold,” he said. player.

Then Dudu and Cuca worked side by side in Palmeiras in 2016. Together, they won the Brazilian Championship that season.

Transition to professional

Despite a brief stint at Cruzeiro, Dudu won a title at the club in 2011, the Campeonato Mineiro 2011. Due to his rapid career transition, the striker initially sparked interest in European clubs.

“I didn’t play much in the juveniles either. I went to the pros when I was young. I remember coming back to play with those born in Taa So Paulo, s in 1990 and 1991. At the age of 17, Adilson Batista took me in and left me there,” he said.

Today, he defends the colors of Dudu Palmeiras and is one of the greatest idols in the history of the club. For Verdo, the striker has 362 games, 82 goals and 85 assists. He also won major titles, such as the 2016 and 2018 Brazilian Championships; 2015 Brazilian Cup; and the 2020 and 2021 Libertadores.

The last meeting between Dudu and Cruzeiro was remarkable for both of them. The striker scored a goal in the 2019 game that saw the Brazilian relegated to the second tier of the Brazilian Raposa. The match in Mineiro, Belo Horizonte, ended 2-0.

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