Dreaming, mentalizing and deciding: Lomba reveals Palmeiras’ role and comments on a new moment in her career

Dreams, mentalizations, and decision making can happen a lot.

“It’s good that I’m already 35 years old and I can talk to you clearly.

Later, those of you reading this will understand what I’m talking about. Despite a few games on the bench, he finished 2021 as a starter for the International. However, the phone rang and a decision was made. Paula’s husband Rosa sat down with six-year-old and 10-year-old João to explain that after living in Porto Alegre for six years, her father was changing jobs and they were all moving to São Paulo.

“Of course, some doubts come to mind when making the decision, but from the moment Palmeiras contacted me I was sure it was time to go. I didn’t want to miss the moment the club is experiencing. And my family is very confident in my decisions. Both Paula and my children. Sometimes they ask me if I’m going to play, but sometimes they have to understand that I’m playing and sometimes I’m not, “said Marcelo Lomba. Exclusive interview with TNT Sports.

At the age of 35 and where the starter went, Lomba was decisive when Palmeiras won against Santos. He was the first classic in the club’s shirt and had only 9 games of the season. But if anyone thinks he is thinking of starting a goalkeeper, it is worth mentioning: he is well aware of his role in Palmeiras since the start of talks with the club.

I have a role to play and, in fact, replacing Weverton when he goes to the national team.

“I had to come prepared for it, it was part of this decision and this emotional balance has been part of my performance, which is knowing how to prepare, knowing how to wait and being able to help the team outside the four lines. Anderson Barros has known me since the days of Bahia. ‘

For those with more than 500 games in his career, Lomba explained that mental preparation for leaving the bench at crucial and intermittent moments is as important as daily preparation. And this work is done every day before bed and when you wake up. Dreams and mentalizations can happen a lot, remember?

“Every morning and even at night, before I go to bed, I try to imagine the things I want tomorrow or in the long run. I start imagining the saves, playing the game, remembering the saves I’ve already made, designing the saves I’ll make, and even trying to imagine a moment of peace with my family. I try to project what God has for my life. ”

Yesterday, for example, I imagined a lot of people giving an interview after the game, as if I were the highlight, you know?

It’s good to hear or read someone who says it’s time to talk early. If Lomba has left Vila Belmiro for security from the start to the end of his first classic, the club’s shirt will be the second duel in the last 18 games, take the opportunity to remember that there is a man who will feel even at 35 years old. cold in the stomach.

“I find it very nice to get to talk about the player and the human being, because we see a lot of players as‘ super stars ’. I was a little nervous about going to the game yesterday. I hadn’t played in a long time, it had been a month since the match against Juazeirense and Paulistão’s semi-finals had happened even more, and that was an important moment for me as well. I took a deep breath in concentration and tried to remember some of the moments I had already played. I told myself I was going to get my head around it and do the simple thing right. It gives us beans and rice and security. And kitto, I was preparing for this moment ”.

And all the preparation bore fruit. In training, thinking about what you want in the morning, dreaming about what you want at night and thinking about family. Lomba gave him an interview today TNT Sports as one of the highlights of the game. João’s son got into a chat and gave his father a performance of about 10, with Rosa’s approval! And a smile appeared on his face as he continued to comment on the victory and the unbeaten mark on the Palmeiras shirt, which remains firm: six victories and three draws on the pitch.

“It simply came to our notice then. We feel calm even when the 1-0 away game, which is hotly debated, ends. We won! The most important thing is the three points at the end, if I’m outstanding or Gómez, Dudu, Veiga, I don’t care much. Of course, I will do my best to be recognized, but what matters is to earn three points. And then you go into the locker room, people are talking, texting, and then you say, ‘Hey, I’ve got to play.’ It was a tough match, congratulations to Santos, but especially to Palmeiras, who are very strong. “

See other excerpts from an exclusive interview with Marcelo Lomba:

Arriving in Palmeiras and the actor:

“I am very happy. First of all, I am living this moment with the club and my teammates. It is the result of a lot of work. It has been easier for me to reach a club that is conquering this space in recent years. On the Brazilian scene and continent. Abel once said that talent brings us here, but it is our daily efforts and hard work that keep us at this level. I kept that phrase. He’s good at all positions, and when talent comes together every day, the effort is the result. “

Palmeiras team leadership:

“This role is not imposed by anyone, but it is something that people perceive. It is an example of everyday life. You do not impose anything, you conquer this space. I have tried to do that. But deep down, Palmeiras He created the concept of a player. A great example is Gómez, we lost the first match of the Morumbiko final in the Paulistão final, it was 9:30 pm, it ended at 00:00. and I thought he was already training, ‘Wow, this guy deserves it, he’s an example.’ One: Push to the limit in the preparation part and in the games “.

Intention to win the Brazilian Championship:

“It’s clear that Palmeiras really wants to win the Brazilian Championship. But because of the greatness of Palmeiras, the players they have and the structure, at the moment we are positioning ourselves to compete for all the titles. So much so. We have given a lot and this is a lot because Palmeiras invests a lot in logistics, in recovery. a proof. ‘

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