Dracena claims striker’s interest and predicts sale: ‘Santos needs’

Santos football executive Edu Dracena has admitted he is interested in forward Emmanuel Martínez, from Barcelona de Guayaquil (EQU). The 28-year-old Argentine was already wanted earlier this year.

as expected by UOL Esporte, Peixe watched over the athlete and looked for ways to make the hire coach Fabián Bustos asked to survive. Now, however, there is nothing concrete.

“We chased it at the beginning of the year, but now there’s nothing. We haven’t hired. It may come, we understand it will help us, but we’re attentive. If it fits what Santos thinks, it can. Come on. and help us. sincere: now we have not negotiated with him “, by Edu, in TV Santa Cecilia.

To bring in reinforcements, however, Santos will have to make at least one big sale in the next international transfer window, which will reopen on July 18. Peixe has received numerous votes, but almost no officials.

The only formal proposal came from León (MEX) by attorney Eduardo Bauermann. Santos turned down the offer of 1.5 million dollars (R $ 7.5 million).

“Marcos Leonardo wasn’t sold, he didn’t have a proposal. I talked to the president today. I asked if he sold Marcos Leonardo and the president said he would ask me the same thing. People are not responsible. It’s not being sold, we don’t have an official proposal for any of our players many polls yes but no proposal We need to understand that Santos needs money Although can hire and also update finances who will leave leave to be resolved.Santos financial situation. votes for Kaiky, Ângelo, Marcos Leonardo, Sandry, Bauermann … But there is no proposal. And we will not sell anyone at a bargain price “, said Edu.

“We see a lot of markets, here and abroad. The big difficulty is to see if the player has already played seven games in the Brazilian Championship. It is very difficult to wear the Santos shirt. We can see games and players every day.Now, unfortunately, Santos has no financial condition to have an investment to hire.The player has to believe in the project.We have to bring in who we think will be the starter, not just bring in “We have to have a squad. We analyze a lot of players and, within our reality, we try to bring in the reinforcements we need”, he added.

The Santos football executive also commented on other topics, such as the removal of Ricardo Goulart and the possible departure of Emiliano Velázquez.


“We have to analyze the weather, before the end of the year. We understand that he has been in China for a long time, requiring re-reading and a different job. We hired the Goulart package, not just the athlete on the field. For example, of course, the most important thing is on the field, but Goulart influences the outside. structure in football and outside of football, is important to us.At the end of the year we will be able to do a complete analysis.Many people are now asking about his help, about not scoring goals, but we need to understand the context. Goulart and Santos “.

Velázquez, which is in the sights of Colo Colo (CHI)

“Nothing came for us. I received a lot of messages asking about it. He has a contract with us until the end of the year and we have the option of buying to stay permanently. We have to receive a proposal to see. Club , it’s about. We haven’t received anything. Only one player has received a concrete suggestion here. And not any other player you commented on. None of the boys “.

Work by Fabian Bustos

“We really enjoy Fabián’s work [Bustos]. No one is united, but we see the work and the attitude towards the athletes. We are calm. Santos is in the middle position of the table and could have been ahead if not for our mistakes or the referee. We compete and fight on equal terms. Santos needed time for this reformation. And having a competitive team, to fight, is what we always ask for. A team that others looked up to Santos and thought was tough. That we would love to sell the loss especially in Vila. We changed the financial side so we could fight at the same pace as any team in Brazil.

Arbitration errors

“We did what we could. We sent a letter, we called. We scheduled a conversation with the president of the CBF, but it didn’t work. We went as soon as possible. There were mistakes that happened not only in the Santos’ game, but Santos is the most affected. Santos could take the lead. Against Atlético-MG, if there is no pressure, will the referee see the bid? What about the dismissal against Juventude? Velázquez’s hand? we can. We will charge by phone and letter. as possible we will go in person “.

Fabio Carille’s departure and relationship with the Management Committee

“I think I understand football in everything I’ve lived and am still alive today. I’m here every day, I see every training session and I travel every game. I see that I need to change with Carille. I feel it. we do that, as a former athlete and now experiencing the external.If we hire a player, I pass it on to the president and we see the technical part, then we talk to the coach, then we call the manager and we see the financial part. And then, yes, it was chewed, we delivered it to the president and he gathered [com o Comitê de Gestão]. As an executive and responsible in football, the demands are even greater for me. If you can’t see the results, you can tell. We don’t hire thinking it won’t work, but it can happen. There are many reasons. The dialogue with the Management Committee was smooth, let’s pass everything on to the president and we will try to be as quick as possible as long as it fits the budget. It is said that this one is bad, that one is better. There is always (laughter). I respect that, but I am responsible for the decision. If the player I’m talking about doesn’t act, he can pay me ”.

Auro and William Maranhao

“I believed them. Auro and Maranhão were always asked, but we signed them thinking it would work. There were times. Maranhão asked me. What did he do to dislike the fans. Failed? Mark. Let him do that. play, man. If he doesn’t succeed, I’ll give him the paddle. But he needs peace and trust. People have already bullied him. I’ve surrendered. I think so, the coach too. All the players who have come. together. We came together, explained the name and passed it on to the president. I think they can reverse it “.

About the departure of Daniel Guedes and Sandro

“They think every Menino da Vila will be an hour. The field won’t lie. Daniel Guedes has a contract until December and we need a right back-back. I can’t have him play without renewing. More yet in Auro, it’s not cheaper.And a player we’re not sure if he’ll play or not, because he went to another club and didn’t play [Cuiabá]. They put their dick on me to Sandro, he left and he didn’t perform. People don’t have to understand that every Menino da Vila can be a starter. If you are in condition, stay. If not, go to another club. These are the things we need to see and make a decision. We can be wrong and I apologize if I am wrong. But if he got it right, no one says he got it right. We follow and see evolution. It could be that Auro hasn’t played anything and has a contract until December. Not mugana? Go the other way. And we just paid a lower salary than Daniel Guedes “.

Pedro Scaramussa, under-20 left-back with a contract until December

“Pedro still has a contract until December, he’s a home athlete. We released him to get his passport, he broke his arm and was three or four weeks out of work. So he traveled and we negotiated, yes. I hope he stays he was with us.in Santos who wanted to buy the project.Many players bought our project and saw that it would work, like Marcos Leonardo.He would not have been able to renew, he chose to be in Santos and see what the value now.Santos lost a lot of players, but now we have plans and goals.If he doesn’t deserve it, he will leave.I want to leave a legacy of Santos when I leave, just like I left as a captain athlete and winner player. I’m ‘I’ll do everything to make that happen. Edu is not alone, I have people who have helped me so much. It’s not easy to have eyes anywhere “.

Bruno Oliveira, who lends to Caldense until December

“We enjoyed the show and we have until December to act. As of now, probably [a compra]”.

Players away, like Jobson and Ed Carlos:

“Players have to play, anywhere. Players have to perform. You can go to another team and not play and here he is a star and a gem. We have to be quick, not to skip steps “The players have a contract with us, we look at them with affection for everyone and we will make the best choice”.

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