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After three consecutive defeats in the Brazilian Championship, Flamingo beat Cuiabá 2-0 on Wednesday night (15) in Maracanã. In the second match with Dorival Júnior, the first victory. The red-and-black goals were scored by Ayrton Lucas and Gabigol, one in each half.

As a result, the Rio de Janeiro club was relegated and dropped to ninth place in the Brasileirão table with 15 points.

Dorival Júnior celebrated his first victory on his return, the second game in this third game. With the phrases, he praised the fans Flamencoit took 40,000 people to the Maracana this Wednesday.

Ayrton Lucas greets Dorival Júnior after Flamingo’s goal – Photo: Marcelo Cortes / Flamengo

– It’s just a matter of getting people to have an idea of ​​what it’s like to be against and for this crowd. An indescribable feeling, there is no way to measure it. I am very happy to be back for the third time. I hope to end this cycle, I have never lost my mind, I have always been with me, I will return to Fleming someday. Thank God it happened and I hope to offer everything I have gained at that moment as an experience, and that will be very important in my career and the differential, ”said the Flamenco coach.

In a reconciliation speech, Dorival mentioned his former Portuguese Paulo Sousa, saying that there was no burning ground and that he was not looking for culprits. On the contrary, he seeks a solution to the problems he faces when he arrives in Flemish.

We hunt down the culprits in our town when situations don’t happen. I think we need to look for solutions, together, through the reactions of each other within the group.. Let’s go through the competitions so we can improve the team’s chances. That’s the challenge, “said Dorival Júnior.

– When you think ‘the situation is not good, it is not good’, everything seemed very bad, suddenly things turned quickly, this happened in my previous club. It’s a matter of work, dedication, dedication, and most of all, believing in what is being proposed and done. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of life lies. So when they say, “Flamingos have to do this or that,” I’d rather go back to this team. Recovery that goes through each other’s actions.

– Behavior change begins with ourselves. In addition to the problems we presented and let happen. So, calmly and calmly, taking advantage of all the work of Paulo Sousa, we will try to continue and make the most of the legacy we have left behind.

“Victoria has no contraindications. There are only 30 points left,” says Arthur The Voice of the Crowd

He also asked the coach about the options for the starting lineup and relativized the topic. He kept the calendar in mind for the game one after the other, in the year of the World Cup in November, and also valued the chances of the Flamenco teams.

– We need to rethink this state of ownership. What I see is that we have a very difficult competition, an illogical sequence of games. With that, we need to have a team that responds. At some point the players will have to change, for the moment, depending on the attitude of the opponent, we need to find a balance that will allow us to act in conditions with all the players, to be focused and focused on the goal. Talking about one or the other is not necessary at the moment. Feeling the need to take a break from the sequence, we will do it. They are all top level players. Talking about property is not the right thing to do, especially when it comes to recovering from the outside world, ”Dorival said.

The same thought was reflected when working with goalkeepers. Today, Diego Alves holds the position for the second game in a row.

– The situation is the same for the goalkeepers. In addition to the basic options we had three great goalkeepers. Every time we can have someone play, I’ve done that in the last few teams I’ve worked with. The starter will be the best at the moment, in physical or tactical condition, especially for outside players. That kind of coexistence is necessary, ”he said.

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“I hope to stay.” A player of that level, of that potential, I have no doubt that this guy can evolve a lot. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but it would be really nice if we could hold on to this kid because he has so many traits. He is a player who attracts attention in any way, he has the ability to grow. Players at this level are scarce in the country at the moment.

“It’s not a fixed system where you only attack in 4-3-3. I have mobility, approach and movement players. I can’t make players static. It is the coach’s duty to reach the last third of the pitch. From there it’s up to them, in genius, at a table, in triangulations. Drawing can always show something of numbers. In fact, I want them all when we defend behind the ball. And all that can be in front of the ball when we are attacking. I think attacking by scoring is ideal for every team.

Injuries to David Luiz and Bruno Henrique

– The way the tournament has been this year will hurt the clubs in a sense that the injuries will be constant. I had 10 players in Cearan in DM. It was 70 days, and we played almost 20 games. It’s about seeing that the wear and tear is so great. This number of games does not benefit us, we will always have physical and medical problems. We knew it and we know it is. We have no other choice but to have a World Cup at the end of the year. And thankfully Flamingo has a great structure for recovering his players. All the clubs are suffering in this absurd sequence.

“It’s just been a good result”

– It was a fundamental victory for the team at that moment. I don’t know how that would have happened. Luckily, the team was playing well. With definite attitudes, definite behavior, one problem or another in itself, we only did two jobs, it will still give the team some time to come together in a more natural way. It’s a highly skilled team and with very little something positive has already been achieved. Who knows, maybe we’ll find a positive path there. The result was good, nothing more. We will continue with this little work of ants, little by little, and above all we will recover the most important players.

New Behavior and Confrontation with the Rooster

– The team had a different attitude, changing some behaviors, launching and conquering the path of goals. It can’t be any different. We know Atlético-MG very well, we all know their level, maybe the moment is not close, but similar to what we experienced. Teams at this level are very busy and have great difficulty when things go wrong. What is happening there is not the same as what is happening here. In games like this, it is only natural that we should be careful. We keep looking for that recovery and all of a sudden we find a quick way out because it’s a competition that doesn’t let you regret or celebrate any result. Then we will have a problem to deal with.

– The player may have more or less experience. In some tournaments or in your career, it’s natural to change. How long has this team been winning tournaments? Since when has this team been getting great results? How long has this team struggled with everything they have dedicated to the fan? The teams are increasingly preparing to face teams like Atlético-MG, Flamengo and Palmeiras, teams that are reaching most of the national competitions. You prepare a lot more for these groups. Whether you like it or not, at some point you have an oscillation. This may have happened to the Flamenco team.

He will face Flamengo Atlético-MG on Sunday (19) at 16:00 in Mineirão, in the match that is valid for the 13th day of the Brazilian Championship. Despite finishing fifth in the table, Minas Gerais have four games without a win in Brasileirão and will be under pressure for a duel.

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