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THE Game Brazil 2022 Survey (PGB 2022), a joint annual survey of the nation’s consumption of digital video games, publishes the “Brands of the Heart” panel, up to date in response to the ninth version of the research. Through the evaluation of greater than 280 brands from 19 completely different sectors, the rating measures which firms, services and products, from completely different segments, are the most recognized and utilized by the nation’s digital gaming viewers.

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“The panel goals to know the market significance of a specific model for its sector and its relationship with online game gamers. About this relationship, we have a look at how they’re the most popular and, at the similar time, that are the most used public video games in Brazil, ”says Carlos Silva, a associate at Go Gamers.

Developed by Sioux Group and Go Gamers in collaboration with Blend New Research and ESPM, PGB 2022 exhibits that 74.5% of the Brazilian inhabitants performs some kind of sport, the highest historic mark since the starting of the research. In addition to playing, the viewers of Brazilian gamers behaves constantly, with 78.6% having a bank card and 71.8% investing in numerous fields, resembling financial savings (36.3%) and glued earnings (21.5%). %) and cryptocurrencies (17%), in response to knowledge from the ninth version of the survey.

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“PGB panels proceed to maneuver in the Brazilian gaming market, resembling the consolidation of smartphones, the rise of ladies, the evolution of eSports, the consolidation of free video games as a driving power to succeed in new audiences, amongst others. different tendencies. In this new studying, we study the relationship that gamers have with cryptocurrencies and, usually, about the metaverse and its results on gaming consumption, ”added Silva.



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It is noteworthy that the age group of Brazilian gamers is balanced, with an viewers of between 20 and 24 years of age (25.5%). Then, youngsters between the ages of 16 and 19 accounted for 17.7%; People aged 25 to 29 make up 13.6%; Those aged 30 to 34 accounted for 12.9% and people aged 35 to 39 for 11.2%.

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In phrases of social class, PGB 2022 exhibits that the majority of the inhabitants is center class (B2, C1 and C2) with 62.7%, whereas these at school A are 13.5%, forward of the higher class (B1). With 12.3%; and by the base of the pyramid (courses D and E) with 11.6%. With regard to the common household earnings of the gamers, the majority (29.1%) declare between R $ 2,090.01 to R $ 4,180, given by individuals receiving R $ 2,090 (27.5%). The public with revenues from R $ 4,180.01 to R $ 10,450 is 26.7%.

See beneath for the most popular and used / consumed brands by Brazilian digital sport viewers. In addition to the technique of cost, espresso, beer, alcoholic drinks, meals companies, clothes and clothes shops, salty and scrumptious snacks are all new in PGB 2022.


• Most popular model: Nubank (82.2%).

• Most used model: Nubank (55.4%).


• Most popular model: Mastercard (90.2%).

• Most used model: Mastercard (77.1%).


• Most popular model: PicPay (84.1%).

• Most used model: PayPal (65.8%)


• Most popular model: VIVO (83.1%).

• Most used model: VIVO (44.9%)


• Most popular model: Coca-Cola (93.9%).

• Most consumed model: Coca-Cola (81.7%).


• Most popular model: Red Bull (92.0%).

• Most consumed model: Red Bull (70.0%).


• Most popular model: 3 Corações (82.0%).

• Most consumed model: 3 Corações (56.8%).


• Most popular model: Brahma (84.1%).

• Most consumed model: Heineken (56.1%).


• Most popular model: Johnnie Walker (65.6%).

• Most consumed model: Smirnoff (45.2%).


• Most popular model: Doritos (76.2%).

• Most consumed model: Doritos (56.5%).


• Most popular model: BIS (76.7%).

• Most consumed model: BIS (65.0%).


• Most popular model: McDonald’s (80.8%).

• Most used model: McDonald’s (64.3%).


• Most popular model: iFood (90.4%)

• Most used model: iFood (84.9%).


• Most popular model: Uber (93.4%).

• Most used model: Uber (83.8%).


• The most popular model: O Boticário (87.8%).

• Most used model: O Boticário (71.2%).


• Most popular model: Riachuelo (83.3%).

• Most used model: Renner (56.7%)


• Most popular model: Nike (87.5%).

• Most used model: Nike (62.3%)


• Most popular model: Nike (79.6%)

• Most used model: Nike (57.8%)


• Most popular model: FIAT (84.1%).

• Most used model: Chevrolet (24.5%).

In phrases of residence online game brands, PGB 2022 exhibits that it’s Sony’s most popular PlayStation 4 console, proudly owning 34.1% of Brazilian players, adopted by Microsoft’s Xbox 360, residence to 24.3% of Brazilian players. The most popular platform for digital video games in the nation is the smartphone, with 48.3% of the preferences, adopted by computer systems, with 23.3% (the sum of tables and notebooks), and residential consoles, with 20%. Enter PGB official web site for extra info and obtain the free model of the examination.

Photo: PGB 2022

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A reference in the research of shopper habits of Brazilian gamers, the Game Brazil Survey (PGB) has existed since 2013 and is developed and produced by Sioux Group and Go Gamers in collaboration with Blend New Research and ESPM. All of the analysis is performed with large-ranging and proprietary questionnaires overlaying matters that cowl public gaming and its total ecosystem, in key nations resembling Brazil and Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. Go Gamers is an annual unit liable for the improvement, manufacturing and publication of analysis in official channels PGB and Joan Gamers.

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