Diniz laments Fluminense’s failed opportunities: “We have plenty of chances to win” | fluminense

Coach Fernando Diniz regretted the opportunities lost by Fluminense in the 2-1 loss to Flamengo, on Sunday night, in Maracanã, for the eighth round of the Brazilian Championship. According to the coach, who has not lost since replacing the team, the team created more chances to win the game, dominated the confrontation, but was not happy with the conclusion.

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Fernando Diniz, Fluminense x Flamengo, Brazilian 2022 – Photo: André Durão/ge

– We have more chances to win than to draw, especially to lose. Unfortunately, if we couldn’t score the first goal, we wouldn’t have scored the first, or the second. On the first goal, we were with the team almost entirely behind the ball line. This is a marking error there on the left side. And the ball rolled backwards luckily scored. In the second half we were almost complete dominance and we couldn’t score, we didn’t get a draw or a comeback.

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Fernando Diniz also praised goalkeeper Hugo, from Flamengo, who was criticized for his recent setbacks, but became the hero of the match. This was Diniz’s first loss to the rule Fluminense since returning to the club. The commander has five wins and two boards.

– Now, classically, Hugo is criticized. But he probably made the most of the match. Probably not. I followed his career from the beginning. It was his best game as a professional. Congratulations. What annoyed me the most about the game wasn’t Hugo’s defenses. But we do have unavoidable goals.

Hugo Fla-Flu defense-Photo: André Durão / ge

– We should have avoided it. But the team as a whole deserves congratulations. Aside from Thursday’s game, it was the game the team played with the traits I played. Pretty intense almost throughout the game, has the courage to play, is very agile. And there is almost complete domination.

The Fluminense coach also commented on the performance of midfielder Yago Felipe, who started the game as a starter acting on the left side.

– Yago is a versatile player, he always tries to fulfill his duties, a man recognized by the club, a man I prefer. He tried his best.

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As a result, Fernando Diniz’s team had 11 points and fell to 11th position. Fluminense will return to the field next Sunday for the Brazilian Championship. At 11am, the club will go to Alfredo Jaconi to face Juventude.

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– Caio, in fact, is very well entered. He was a player who introduced what I thought about football. The way the team plays, favor. He has everything to get better and get better with me. I always liked him when I played with him, I think we got the best out of him.

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Did Atmosphere Help Flamengo?

– The atmosphere only helped Hugo make big saves. I totally disagree with what you said. We had a lot of chances to score in the second half. If we get in with two or three balls, the question is different. Unfortunately, the ball did not enter. There were moments in the game that Flamengo balanced.

– After 30 in the first half, we can speed up. Maybe at the beginning of the second half. I think the atmosphere favored Hugo to make a good game. But Fluminense were very dominant and better than Flamengo in the second half, especially in the final minutes.

Matheuzinho’s Lance with Arias

– I’m too far off the pitch to speak. The impression from where I was was a penalty (the foul was out of place). If it was a punishment, it hurt Fluminense. But my impression is that the player is running fast and one is too late. Touched. There is no way the player can stand. I haven’t seen it on television.

David Braz was kicked off the bench

– Unfortunately, he doesn’t. It’s not something we want. Hard to say. No one has control over it, players will be in trouble. I don’t know what really happened. We need to avoid such things so that we don’t have players to get fired.

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