Diego Alves saw the team as very low and said he was already in his final months at Flamengo: “It’s definitely like this” | Flamengo

After an entire semester with no opportunities with Paulo Sousa, Diego Alves is back in action and has reached three consecutive games as a starter. This Sunday, however, was almost nothing positive, and Flamengo were mostly dominated by the 2-0 loss to Atlético-MG.

Shirt 1 admitted that the team was very low in all aspects especially on the technical side.

– It involves the technical side, now lower than what we are used to, probably because of the strength and power of Atlético-MG in scoring. But it is reasonable that I think we lack the collective spirit in all aspects.

-It was a very difficult game, I remember we had a few minutes of control and a few arrivals, but in general context it was not a good game, because we had this expectation.

Atlético-MG vs. Flamengo: Diego Alves-Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo

Despite Flamengo’s poor performance, Diego lived a positive week on the individual thing. He returned to play and received the love of the fans. Arriving in Belo Horizonte, he, along with Paul, is the player with plenty of time available for photos.

Best moments: Atlético-MG 2 x 0 Flamengo, for the 13th round of Brasileirão 2022

Asked about it, he thanked the love received by the red-black concentration and admitted to enjoying the final minutes within a club he has defended since the second half of 2017.

– I can live my last months here inside Flamengo. As there really is. Among the moments we’re spending right now, I just have to thank the fans for loving and loving the players. We are here to help Flamengo. We players go through, others come, and Flamengo goes on. There is no such individual part, never. We are here to help, put Flamengo where it deserves to have titles and bring joy to the fans.

– It is reasonable that we cannot, perhaps at this time, give joy because the crowd is hurting at the present moment, but it is our job to bring that joy back. And I feel very willing to help play and not play.

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Need to quickly adapt to a new coach

-As we see in June, this is the beginning of a new commander in action, with different ideas, different trainings. There is time to adjust, but we need it as soon as possible.

– I think everyone has their time, but the calendar is very fair. We played a good game against Cuiabá, but not against Atlético. The truth is this. Atlético is the current champion, it was formed a few years ago. It’s a concrete group, with clear ideas. No need to compare now at the start of the year, because it is a leader. From now on, try to put Flamengo where it should be.

Flamengo bad guest

– In such a long competition, sometimes the points away from home give the title. We experienced that. At home, our fans are making a difference. They are hurt by this situation, but so are we after years of reaching our limit. Our job is to regain that trust. We wanted to create the winning environment in Maracanã and take it outside the house. This is the work Dorival does. If you gather fans and players, it’s very hard to beat us.

How will it be different on Wednesday against the same Atlético-MG?

– This is a different competition. If we play multiple times against the same opponent, we already know each other’s tactics. We can make a better game in every aspect. We can reach a better level to get a better result and carry the Maracanã classification.

You’re part of the generation that has reached its peak in 2019 and that’s probably living in the worst of times. How to bring back this game?

– I remember very well … in 2019, before the success, we had an elimination with the boos of Maracanã against Athletico. We also lost in Bahia. We were challenged. The reality is that the competition comes from the size and demand of the club. And we know how the story ends. Now we don’t get the very best level in the field. A level we are accustomed to with people.

– There is a change, and we want to get back to what we can as soon as possible. Nothing to learn. Flamengo is a pressure team. There is an external side that can sometimes be psychologically disturbing. The way is to work to get it back on the field. At a time when we have a new coach, there are new orders. I’m sure at the end of the year things will be different.

Main lesson for the next game with Galo is to be more attentive?

– If you lose a game, you need to analyze the game in the overall context. There were times in the game that we were okay, there were times that we probably lacked attention. I think it’s improving overall, both on the defensive side, but on the whole team. I think we are in a position to get a good result in Maraca on Wednesday.

The title dispute between Santos and Hugo Souza

– I think it’s good for the club. At the time, as I recall, Alex was called up for the Brazilian national team. It’s been a while. Sometimes emotional moments can be distracting. More quality players in each position is good for the club and manager. If you ask Dorival, he will surely say that he prefers three to one. This is good because there is competition between us and it raises the quality.

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