Did the thoughtful palmeirense now understand the criticism from the first? – 06/16/2022

Luan’s own goal in the 29th minute at Allianz Parque will complicate Palmeiras ’life in 2021. Not least because of Atlético-GO de Jorginho’s good performance, denial of spaces, closing of Dudu’s corridor on the right and try to play, with Marlon Freitas joining Rato, Jorginho and Luiz Fernando, plus Churin on the pivot.

But Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras now has a lot of tools and, most of all, the proposal to attack and create voids. Even with Gustavo Gómez adjusted on the right side, Luan and Murilo were helped to get the ball out and Piquerez was released to open the field on the left, allowing Gabriel Verón’s diagonal passes, Rony and Gustavo Scarpa were touched.

He continued to occupy the opponent’s field calmly and turned around with rehearsed games: Luan’s reversal from the right looking for Verón to the left, who rolled for Zé Rafael to appear as midfielder. surprised at the score and finished. Then in the corner, basic but efficient: penalty on the first post, deviation by Luan and Gómez checking on the second.

At 44 in the first half, Alviverde from the first was able to go to the break in the turn. But now the intention is to “return the knife” and Scarpa takes advantage of a quick move and, in a new corner, another from Gómez. In seven minutes, the defeat was established. Managed in the second half, with a natural respite after Arthur Henrique’s substitutions and dismissal, and Churin’s goal in the end ruled 4-2.

Despite two goals scored after six consecutive games with the goal intact, Palmeiras is open with three points over vice-leader Corinthians, but the performance advantage is more than visible. on the table. Even without the injured Raphael Veiga, it is the best team in the country and on the continent right now, with a good advantage over others. In June, it doesn’t guarantee many cups in 2022, but it does announce the maturity of a job.

Will the thoughtful Palmeirense now be able to understand and not call the criticism of football before the two -time Libertadores champions as “club persecution”? It seems obvious that this cast will provide a lot more in the long run. But many believed Vanderlei Luxemburgo’s open speech and Abel Ferreira’s cover, that the squad could only deliver that game with serious restrictions on offensive action.

Some claim a lack of time, which is actually a crazy time in 2020, but the following year the early elimination of the Copa do Brasil gave Abel free weeks to work. Many hours when the coach decided to leave the Brazilian and focus on the Libertadores.

And the proposal remains the same: back off to open scoring, rebar when he finds himself under the opposition, as against Atlético Mineiro of the Libertadores, even against Allianz. Against weak teams opening scoring and closing, there is a lot of difficulty. Like the emblematic 2-0 home loss to Cuiabá.

Because Abel, a disciple of José Mourinho, preferred to remain attached to his convictions. Now, with the confidence of the titles, renewed contract with a lot of uplift and devotion from the board and fans, he is leaving for an evolution of the job. More in line with the best coaches in the world today, who balance defense and attack and know how to make their teams unique in most games.

As this cast always has the potential to do. It’s not hard to notice, but many people from Palmeiras prefer denial, seeing quality football where it doesn’t exist, or the conformism of the saying “with these players you can just do that”. This is not true, as in 2016, with Cuca, and in 2018, with Felipão, the quality is less applicable.

Criticism is justified, just as it now deserves praise. It’s no shame to admit that all the hatred, here and on social media, is meaningless. But it’s about the job of those who work seriously and always expect a quality game from those who provide it.

Very palmeiras. Applause for Abel Ferreira, commissioner and athletes. They may not be able to win anything in the second half, because they won before without the current level. The change in mentality shown in the field is even more important.

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