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Maristela Barros Mayer Ferreira, Vice President of Agra, with her daughter Clarice Jannine, 36, with autism (Photo: Juarez Rodrigues / EM / DA Press)

The decision of the Second Section of the High Court of Justice, on June 8, states that health plan operators should start taking the so-called “exclusive list” instead of the so-called “exclusive list”. from covering up non-existent proceedings to the cause of anger, rebellion, and arrest among parents, guardians, and health care organizations.

Maristela Barros Mayer Ferreira, mother of Clarissa Jannine, 36, with autism. He warned that the effects of the new tax mission are disastrous, especially since the treatment that has already begun is completely lost. “Any routine for someone with autism is already an effective change. Now you’re going to break or limit it and, who knows, you’ll have to change your care clinic, leave a private clinic that meets your health plan, and go online. It’s easy, it’s very sad, families will lose a lot. “

He is also the Vice President of the Nossa Senhora das Graas Association for the Disabled (Agraa) in the Carlos Prates district of BH.

The organization is a non-profit and charitable organization run by parents and educators of people with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). “We hoped that the votes would be in favor of the explanatory function, and that is what is being used so far. But a specific role will greatly reduce attendance, especially therapeutic. It is difficult to say how long you will spend. 30 sessions. This is unacceptable, “he said.

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“Only those who see the reality of a child with autism know that this care is continuous, long-term and sometimes indefinite, because every development depends on a technique, a methodology. We understand that it was a failure, that it won. perspective ”.

Maristela emphasized that the STJ’s decision was unfortunate: “I have a personal reality at home, my daughter is 36 years old, she is from the 1980s, at a time when autism was not being treated. The government set it aside. “The pandemic was a very precarious service. The impact is enormous and we can’t measure the damage to the future of these families.”

Thinking about Clarissa, Maristela reveals that “I see myself suffering again, because I and other parents, when we created Agraa, were there to help other families not go through the past because we have neglected our children. Public care and neglect. “I’m sorry for being Claris’ mother. She’s not included in this service, especially in the early intervention, because she was completely removed. And now history will repeat itself with other families.”

Millions of people were sentenced to death by six votes. Six people decided on the lives of millions of people, including those with autism. May God have mercy on those who voted for the specific list and strengthen us as a civil society to fight for public policies that provide quality and effective therapeutic care. And even though it is too late, we have never given up on the goals and rights of everyone, every person, every family, everyone with autism.

Maristela Barros Mayer Ferreira, Vice President of the Nossa Senhora das Graas Disability Support Association (Agraa)

Maristela noted that when families now have access to care through agreements, it should be read that contractual care is not necessarily because they are wealthy families: “Many or most have an agreement with the supplementary health system because the health plan is very expensive.”

The immediate consequences, said the vice-president of Agra, are the interrupted care, the loss of contact with professionals, the loss of routine and the return of children who have already advanced. “The consequences are disproportionate. We don’t know how they will be fulfilled, how they will develop and how they will affect society 10 to 15 years from now.”

“Don’t give up, fight”

Without losing hope, he believes he must fight: “We are protesting with our parliamentary representatives, especially at the federal level – both in the Senate and in the National Congress. Many of them are angry and have already expressed their defense. it will depend on the presentation of a project to be voted on, ”says Maristela.

“Unfortunately, when we talk about early intervention, which is not only caring for children in the first six years of life, we realize that this will not include them. These children are doomed. Some will survive because they will be reunited with professionals and entities.” , Agraa, who will serve voluntarily, through the patron, as we do. But in general, if we take into account that 2 million people in Brazil have autism, they are left out. ”


Many procedures will not be covered by operators. The decision will affect the treatment of thousands of patients who were guaranteed access to therapies, medications and surgeries in court, as the plans do not necessarily cover procedures, treatments, therapies, surgeries that do not fall within the scope of the ANS.

If there is hope, the decision of the STJ does not oblige the rest of the court to comply with this understanding, but the ruling serves as a guide for Justice.

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