Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market, the 5 new versions are moving the NFT market in Brazil

Cryptocurrency market loses more than $ 2 trillion since $ highest in November the fungal token (NFT) ecosystem continues to launch products and services in Brazil.

One of those new releases is the game Futster, a new football manager game featuring NFT collectibles that was released on Wednesday (15). In the game, players manage the cards of the athletes, scale their teams and compete in tournaments, winning prizes.

In a game structured in blockchain technology, users collect cards from Brazilian football athletes and major clubs, as well as fictional ones. gathering teams, playing games and participating in tournaments, as well as tickets and accessories in a market.

every victory creates rewards for the player, such as playing cards and new cards. NFT cards and Futster tokens are created in Polygon.

Futster’s founders, consultants, and partners include: Bruno Natal (creative director of Futster and presenter of the podcast RESUMIDO); Fernando Carvalho (CEO of QR Capital); Ivan Duffles (General Manager of Campus Studio); Luiz Rodolfo A. Ryff (Futster Strategic Advisor); and Leo Kaplan (CTO of Futster).

In addition, the project has partnerships with Gazeus Games, the largest developer of casual games in Brazil; Foxbit, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the country; and Blockchain Studio, a company in the Blocktoin solutions development group Investtools.

Launch of NFTs in Brazil

Another version of the national market NFT run by the Sphynx Underground Society is a collection of only 7,777 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. The project was created by the founders, Gustavo Marinho, CEO of Dropull, Roberta Gomes, digital illustrator at LOUD.

“We are excited to have a very Brazilian team and the opportunity to have an NFT collection that will be launched in partnership with Solana OpenSea on the platform of the future.” said Roberta Gomes about the project.

The developers ’proposal is for the Sphynx owner to become a member of a“ brotherhood ”focused on the growth of its members, something like collective proof. Once within the Sphynx project, the user will be able to participate in various ecosystem-related initiatives, such as in a DAO, online stores, among others.

In another launch, despite the international link to the national crypto market, Venezia FC, a club that was relegated to the second division of the Italian Championship last season, launched a fundraising action from fans to build a Training Center. .

In 2019, Vasco da Gama, in a similar initiative, achieved the R $ 3 million mark raised for space. However, despite the similarities, there is an important difference in the case of the Italian team.

Bruno Maia, Executive Director of Sports Innovation and CEO of Feel The Match, author of the book ‘Innovation is the New Marketing’, expresses the Italian trend towards economic decentralization that is already spreading in the financial market.

“We live in a time when the diversification of assets and the tokenization of any financial contracts are finding a public that is already a trend and welcomes these opportunities,” the executive explained.

In Brazilian football, clubs have also followed suit. In the fan token market, the following teams are: Atlético-MG, Corinthians, Coritiba, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Palmeiras, Santos, São Paulo, Vasco and Paysandu.

“Projects involving NFT and fan activism together are an example of Venice, and IDG’s example with some of its characters, such as Giba and Christian Fittipaldi, ends up creating an almost perfect combination of success in the long run. Tokenization. and they tend to spread rapidly, and with real commitment and experience, revenue for all parties involved increases, ”says Sylmara Multini, CEO of IDG (International Digital Group). ).

Despite being the Bear Market, NFT presentations are on the rise

In line with the growth of the NFT market in Brazil, the country recently launched a new platform for marketing Phygit’s NFTs.

The Cryptorastas platform launched items from Cryptorastas, the largest international NFT collection in Brazil, with a special edition sneaker for tomorrow’s Undo, made of low-impact materials and in the form of a skateboard signed by Adelmo Jr., whose medal Bob who won. Burnquist has a copy.

According to the Yaak Studio team, which is responsible for developing the platform, the project could be staffed by web3 professionals and crypto-artists, covering a wide range of creative fields.

“Fashion items, toy art and collectors in general are just a few examples of what can be launched on the platform. Our focus is on projects that have an impact on both the physical and digital worlds, ”says Thiago Gouvêa, an artist known as Yaak, CEO and Founding Director of Yaak Studio.

Yaak says the collections are ready for the definition and selection of new projects that will be driven by physical elements.

OnePercent announced the launch of Rarum’s second market – the startup’s sustainable NFTs platform – the first round of Digital Garage in partnership with Volkswagen.

Digital Garage VW’s second market serves as a marketplace to buy and sell items already sold on the platform, so fans of the brand that bought the first series can donate items that will be repeated, for example, or those interested in reselling their items.

It will also be useful for users who have not yet acquired NFTs to start their collection.

“The opening of the second market for NFTs on the Rarum platform expands our position to build blockchain solutions from Web3 to build relationships and businesses. co-founders of.


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