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In October last year, Glover Teixeira of Minas Gerais won the UFC Lightweight (up to 93kg). At the age of 42, he became the oldest fighter to win his belt for the first time. The town where he was born, Sobrália-MG, with a population of about 5,500, stopped to see his famous son fulfill that dream. But an American city, considered a small part of the U.S. Minas Gerais, also celebrated a lot. Danbury, Connecticut, has a population of 86,000 and has been located in Glover since it arrived in the country in 1999. (see Sports Spectacular report below).

Glover Teixeira and Taila Santos fighting for UFC 275 titles

To celebrate winning the belt, an unexpected party, a carrot and even a tribute to the mayor. Glover Teixeira also received the keys to the city.

– When I got here it was a surprise, people were waiting in Rogers Park, in a city park. All the people from my gym, my city, everyone was there. Then the mayor made the carrot, those people on the main street, those familiar features, some people I only knew by sight. And the boys there, (shouting) Glover! It was gratifying. And the same thing happened when I got to Sobralia, that energy – said Glover, who comes from the victory he won the belt against Jan Blachowicz.

Glover Teixeira will face Czech Jiri Prochazka in the defense of her first lightweight title – Photo: Evelyn Rodrigues

The horror didn’t change the Brazilian’s simple manner, as he continues to focus on training in the midst of Danbury’s character. Next Saturday, June 11, he will defend his first belt against Czech Jiri Prochazka, 13 years younger, at the UFC 275 main event in Singapore.

– He’s a respectful guy, a good guy, a distinctive guy, of a different style. I’m really excited about this fight (…). I study my opponent a bit more towards the end of my camp, but I try to prepare my body, my mind, my concentration and then some techniques that I need to do. But I don’t care too much about the fight. I’ve fought millions of times, 40 times, with the best in the world, I think. I enjoy the moment, I enjoy the workout and I love the challenge. I love seeing a different style, with whom I have to fight. You don’t think, “Hey, this guy is hard,” then it gets complicated, you start having a bad day.

And while fighter Minas Gerais will defend his belt in the UFC 275, Santa Catarina’s Taila Santos will have a chance to win an unprecedented title for Brazil: flyweight champion (56.2 kg) will face second-placed Kyrgyzstan Valentina Shevchenko. the most important fight of the night.

The 28-year-old Tailor joined the UFC in 2019 after participating in the Contender Series in a reality show that seeks talent for the Ultimate. Since then, he has had five fights, in which he has lost once and won four duels. UFC President Dana White was shocked by the recent performances against Scottish Joanne Wood.

– I imagined I would get to the belt, but I didn’t expect it so soon. I moved to Floripa nine months ago and I had two fights that convinced the UFC people. In my last fight, Dana White called me to her office to congratulate me (…). It was too much! The fight is over and the boys say, “He wants to see you,” and then they go and look for me. He congratulated them: “What a fight this is, congratulations, he gave us the show we wanted tonight, he left everything here”. It was a night fight!

Taila Santos will face fly champion Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 275 – Photo: Getty Images

The role of the department is not the simplest. Valentina Shevchenko is coming off eight straight victories and has defended her belt six times. He is one of the top UFC champions. Interestingly, Talla’s daughter, Glória, who was only 4 years old, was almost called Valentina.

– When I got pregnant, I thought of calling her Valentina. Think about it now, I’m here with Valentina and Valentina here. It would be very contradictory (laughs). I go there, I fight and I think, “There’s cheering, watching mom.” He doesn’t understand winning or losing, but he says, “Oh, mom, win, win,” so that’s a motivation.

Motivated but aware of what is going on, Taila warns that he has prepared a strategy focused on the champion’s mistakes. He does not hide that the path can be on the ground.

– She is a very tough girl, we know, it is not surprising to be a champion, but every fight and every athlete has mistakes. We are doing a very detailed training for failures, where everything we want to get into his game is going well (…). I come from Muay Thai, but I like a lot of ground fighting, and I think looking for a ground fight there is a little more fought and I feel better. I believe that the path to individual struggle is the way to go.

O Fight transmits “UFC 275“live and exclusively next Saturday from 19:10 (Brazilian time). transmits “Warming up the fight“and the first two fights of the same period, as well SportTV 3 yes Fight YouTube. The website tracks the event in real time.

UFC 275
June 11, 2022 in Singapore
Lightweight: Glover Teixeira vs Jiri Prochazka
Flyweight: Valentina Shevchenko vs. Taila Santos
Straw Weight: Weili Zhang vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk
Flyweight: Rogério Bontorin vs Manel Kape
Welterweight: Jack of the Magdalene vs. Ramazan Emeev
PRE-TICKET (19:30, Brasilia time):
Middleweight: Brendan Allen vs. Jacob Malkoun
Luma pisua: Seung Woo Choi vs Joshua Culibao
Lightweight: Hayisaer Maheshate vs. Steve Garcia Jr.
Welterweight: Jake Matthews vs. André Fialho
Bantamweight: Kyung Ho Kang vs Danaa Batgerel
Last weight: Na Liang vs Silvana Juarez
Bantamweight: Ramona Pascual vs. Joselyne Edwards

UFC 275: Singapore welcomes Glover Teixeira for belt defense and Taila Santos title.

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