Cruzeiro wins the CRB, casts another ghost and stays

Cruzeiro’s stage was very good in Série B of the Brazilian. The team defeated CRB 2-0 tonight (8), at Mineirão, and reached its eighth consecutive win in the competition. Edu and Rafa Silva scored in the first period. In addition to increasing their invincibility, Raposa violated a six -game ban without losing to Alagoas. It was also CRB’s first celestial game, in Gigante da Pampulha, in the entire history of the game.

With the result, Cruzeiro reached 28 points and shot at the top of Serie B. CRB, on the other hand, went on to score 11 points and entered the relegation zone, occupying 17th place.

Cruzeiro’s next challenge is against Vasco, vice-leader of the competition. The game goes to Maracanã, on Sunday (12), at 16:00 (Brazilian time) and tickets are already on sale. CRB will clash in Vila Nova, on Saturday (11), at Rei Pelé stadium, at 4:30 p.m.

Cruzeiro game: deadly attack after the first difficulty

Cruzeiro used Mineirão to propose the game from the start, as it did throughout the campaign. However, CRB’s good scoring allowed the team to use more tall balls and game changes than usual at the start of the game. It was tough, but Cruzeiro was able to adapt their attack and scored two goals in the two-minute break, once again showing the team’s injury.

CRB game: shows personality, but suffers blackout

Unlike other opponents who went to Mineirão to face Cruzeiro, CRB balanced the actions from the start of the first period. The team led by Daniel Paulista launched the attack and had good defensive character, making it difficult for Cruzeiro to play. However, the team couldn’t stop attacking the hosts for a long time and left the first period defeated by 2 to 0, with no reaction on the scoreboard in the second period.

First time

Cruzeiro’s first time came in the 14th minute, with Eduardo Brock from outside the area. At 29 ‘, Neto Moura was looking for an angle from Diogo Silva, who made a good save and sent it off. The corner kick created Raposa’s first goal. Neto Moura took the lead, and Edu scored a big goal, covering it with 30 ’. Two minutes later, the team was extended with Rafa Silva, who received the ball from Neto Moura in the middle of the defenders and sent it to the CRB goalkeeper’s left corner.

Second time

Behind the scoreboard, the CRB came back ready to test a reaction. In 10 minutes, Richard finished well from outside the area, but the ball overtook Rafael Cabral’s goal. The game lost a bit of rhythm, though it remained balanced, but there was no clear chance of goal. CRB still lost to Welington Carvalho, at 32 ’, making it difficult for the Alagoas to react to the game.

Who is good: Neto Moura

The player combined for two assists for goals by Edu and Rafa Silva. The midfielder is a fundamental part of Cruzeiro’s midfield and is very prestigious alongside coach Paulo Pezzolano, who in the last game, against Operário, was improvised on celestial defense, without Lucas Oliveira and Geovane Jesus.

Who is evil: Anselmo Ramon

Regarding the CRB attack, the player had almost no chance of shooting for the Alagoas team. The player, who had already passed Cruzeiro, was less bright and was replaced by Vico in the latter part of the match.

Finally a goal in the first half

Striker Edu has been working the past few days to get rid of the leg pain that has caused him to play only once in each of the last two games. The effort was worth it and the striker was rewarded with a big goal, opening up Mineirão’s scoring, at a time when the CRB made it difficult for Raposa to move. Edu was the top scorer on the team, with 15 goals. One curiosity: all of their previous goals were scored in the second period, this was the first in the initial period.


In the LGBTQIA+ Pride month metaphor, Cruzeiro took two actions in favor of the cause. The corner flags and the captain’s band, first used by Eduardo Brock, are in the colors of the flag that represent the movement. After the game against Grêmio, both teams were criticized by STJD for homophobic songs, which were later criticized by Ronaldo Nazário.


11th round of Serie B
Date and time: June 8, 2022 (Wednesday), at 19:00 (Brazilian time)
Location: Mineirão Stadium, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
referee: Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN)
Auxiliaries: Jean Marcio dos Santos and Lorival Candido das Flores (RN)
VAR: Pathrice Wallace Correa Maia (RJ)
Yellow cards: Eduardo Brock (CRU) Welington Carvalho and Guilherme Romão (CRB)
Red card: Wellington Carvalho (CRB)
goals: Edu (CRU), in 30 minutes, and Rafa Silva (CRU), in 32 ‘in the first half

CRUISE: Rafael Cabral, Zé Ivaldo, Oliveira and Eduardo Brock (Geovane); Leo Pais (Filipe Machado), Willian Oliveira, Neto Moura and Matheus Bidu; Jajá (Luvannor), Rafa Silva (Fernando Canesim) and Edu (Rodolfo). Coach: Paulo Pezzolano

CRB: Diogo Silva, Gum, Wellington Carvalho and Gilvan; Raul Prata (Reginaldo), Emerson (Gabriel Conceição), Yago (Wallace), Uillian Correia and Guilherme Romão; Richard (Wesley) and Anselmo Ramon (Vico). Coach: Daniel Paulista

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