Cruzeiro welcomes Ponte to Serie B, full of Mineiro and Ronaldo in the crowd

Photo: Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro completed his training in Toca da Raposa II with Ronaldo as a spectator

With eight consecutive Serie B victories, Cruzeiro defeated Vasco 1-0 last Sunday (12) at the Maracan. The chance to return to victory will be this Thursday (16), when the heavenly team picks up Ponte Preta at 16:00 in Mineiro.

Cruzeiro: Ronaldo follows the training sessions and talks to the Toca players

“For our goal, it’s always important to be 100% at home. The main thing we have to worry about is how we’re going to get on the pitch. Posture. Knowing that we have a traditional opponent up front,” he said. Brock.

For the midfield and attack, the Uruguayan coach does not have Lo Pais and Jaj. The former was diagnosed with muscle inflammation in his right thigh, and the latter was partially injured in a cruciate ligament in the back of his left knee.

Diverse, Lo Pais played the right role in Pezzolano’s scheme. Another 20-year-old Geovane and 35-year-old Rmulo Rmulo, who did not play against Nutico on the 7th day of Serie B on May 15, is another option to take Fernando Canesin to the sector.

In Jaj’s place, the player with the most similar characteristics – the average one – is Daniel Jr. Although he is an original midfielder, he has been used as a winger and can give the team more creativity.

Other options include the team’s original strikers: Waguininho, Rodolfo and Rafa Silva. Only the former, however, acts as an extremist. Vitor Leque, 21, and Breno, 20, are also in the sky team and could be selected for Thursday’s game.

And the table?

Chapecoens’ stunning 1-0 win over Bahia on Tuesday (14) has guaranteed Cruzeiro at least one more lap in the Serie B standings. puntan.

Cruzeiro’s ranking in the home series B series

Today, the celestial team has 28 points – three more than the vice-leader Bay, who has one more game, and four more than Vasco, who can reach 27 if he wins on Saturday in London, Arena do Cafén, in Paraná.

Black bridge

Another striker in the São Paulo team is striker Danilo Gomes. He left the field against Tubaro in the first half with a sore muscle and is receiving treatment from the medical department. The right-back Norberto, who passed through Cruzeiro in 2021, should be vetoed for muscle discomfort in his thigh.

Coach Hlio dos Anjos also came out against Cruzeiro. The coach was sacked in the match against London. Without him, assistant Guilherme dos Anjos would have been on the grassy edge of Pampulha da Gigante.



Rafael Cabral; Z Ivaldo, Lucas Oliveira and Eduardo Brock; Fernando Canesin, Willian Oliveira, Neto Moura and Matheus Bidu; Daniel Jr (Waguininho), Rafa Silva and Edu. Coach: Paulo Pezzolano.

Black bridge

Caque Frana, Igor Formiga, Fbio Sanches, Douglas Mendes and Artur; Felipe Amaral, Lo Naldi and Ramon; Fessin, Echapor and Luiz Fernando (Ramires or Fraga). Coach: Guilherme dos Anjos (assistant).

The reason: 13th matchday B of the Brazilian Championship

Place: Mineiro, Belo Horizonten (MG)

date and time: June 16, 2022 (Thursday), 4:00 p.m.

referee: Paulo Roberto Alves Junior (PR)

assistants: Victor Hugo Imazu dos Santos (PR) and Rafael Trombeta (PR)

VAR: Rodrigo D Alonso Ferreira (SC)

transmission: Premiere

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