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Ronaldo Romeu met with Zema, the governor of Minas Gerais, on Wednesday evening, and Mineirão was one of the main agendas for the meeting. as reported by gek this Tuesday. O Phenomenon, Cruzeiro’s manager, spoke to the press at the end of the meeting, and the club discussed the possibility of managing the stadium, but said the initial interview with the governor was generally “excellent”.

“(Mineirão) was not the agenda of the visit, it was a kind visit to the governor. I come to the State with a project with Cruzeiro, who is very important in society. But it also became a topic and a conversation.

– (…) The conversation was very good, Mineirão was not the agenda of this meeting, but he ended up turning around. The interview was very good, I can say that we have a lot to do. I can say that the conversation was very good and very lively, ”added Ronaldo.

Cruzeiro Ronaldo – Photo: Pedro Spinelli

Earlier, Mayor Vittorio Medioli, Betim, announced a proposal for a public-private partnership (PPP) to build another multi-purpose arena in Minas Gerais. At a cost of R $ 450 million, the project will be presented to Cruzeiro so that the club can send the team’s matches to the stadium.

The expenses of the company would be borne by a foreign investor, who would lease the land owned by the council to build it. Cruzeiro would have no cost to work. According to the mayor, the club could raise around R $ 150 million for the new stadium. Ronaldo said his team, through Gabriel Lima, the general manager of SAF do Cruzeiro, had access to the Arena project this Tuesday. The manager said he is pleased to know that the club is seen in a major way in the market.

– I saw it on the internet. In fact, Gabriel (Lima) had access to it yesterday, I arrived this morning and I didn’t have time, we had a lot of meetings during the day. But it’s great to see Cruzeiro putting himself in the right place, bringing hope and credibility. I think a lot of groups see us as strong for any sector in the state. It is very important, I am very happy with this, to see that Cruzeiro can be an important brand there, which they want to associate with big companies.

“Let’s go to Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives the game. Sign the Premiere!”

Premiere Brasileirão banner – Photo: Reproduction

Mineirão Minas Arena – a consortium of engineering companies such as Construcap, Egesa and HAP – has been running since 2010, when the 2014 World Cup stadium began to be renovated. The agreement between the Government of Minas Gerais and the Minas Gerais Arena is in force. With the possibility of extension until 2037 – 2045.

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Under the current contract, the Mining Government is required to make monthly transfers to the administrator. The amount is now close to R $ 10 million, and measures are being sought to reduce the impact of the situation on the coffers.

Cruzeiro’s SAF director, Ronaldo he publicly questioned the current conditions teams to play in Mineirão.

– We want to play in Mineirão, but we want revenue from our show, our game. They only sold all of this year’s booths. Well, but they sold the booths, and if we don’t play there? Who will buy the cabin? We want to share in the profits of the booths, ”he said live.

Manifestos of the Director of the Minas Arena

On Tuesday, the director of the consortium managed by Samuel Lloyd Mineirão used his Instagram profile to comment on the meeting between Ronaldo and the MG government. Cruzeiro and the former striker said they want to talk to him if they want to talk about the stadium.

– Dear Ronaldo Fenômeno, if you want to talk about the administration of Mineirão, you have to make a reservation with me and not with Romeu Zema. We are in Brazil and not Venezuela. This country I love respects the law, offers and contracts. Until at least 2037, this management belongs to the Minas Arena, a company that I proudly and dedicatedly represent and a benchmark in the management of Brazilian stadiums – Lloyd posted on social media.

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