Cruzeiro loses, but remains alone and perfect leader – Jaeci Carvalho

Vasco and Cruzeiro played a dubious game, but the team from Rio de Janeiro managed to score and left the field with three points. (photo: Daniel Ramalho/CRVG)

Maracan is full, like in ancient times, like a championship match. On the one hand, a giant, with millions of fans, is Vasco da Gama. On the other hand, the biggest cup winner in Minas Gerais, also with millions of fans, is Cruzeiro. Both in Segundana, for overly incompetent and / or venal directors. The leadership is worthless, because Cruzeiro has already fired. As their fans say, “follow the vice-leader, because the leader has been firing for a long time”.

But it was Vasco, 1 to 0, who rose to 24 points, reducing the opponent’s distance. More importantly the game is preferred by TV Globo than a Serie A game. Great game, narrators and commentators at the top. Gustavo Villani, Junior Maestro and Fbio Junior. First rate is also the referee, nderson Daronco. Fub ordered the blue flock, in very small quantities, because Vasco did not give the desired amount. Ronaldo Fenmeno, owner of Cruzeiro, will pay for the return game, at Mineiro.

Of course, the initial pressure comes from Vasco. At home, I want to dictate the course of the game and score immediately. the only undefeated team in Serie B, Vasco explored aerial plays. But Edu scared him in 13min, heading into the corner of Thiago Rodrigues. The ball is fast approaching. Cruzeiro scored well, but was worried about the ball. Vasco was already guilty in the last pass. Jaj almost complicated the life of goalkeeper Vasco. These ball outings, “a la futsal”, can kill the fan’s heart. The game is very similar. And Vasco scored a goal in the 23rd minute. Nen was thrown under and crossed precisely. Getlio led the defender and led it 1-0. Like kick, is speed and accuracy.

It’s worth noting that Z Ivaldo’s error provided Vasco’s counter-attack. Too much value. I want to dribble, if I could have given the pass. Bid took a free-kick, Thiago hit Edu’s feet, but he missed the goal. In any case, he is in an offside position. Cruzeiro is compelled, wants to draw and create situations. Vasco was about to step on Gabriel Pec’s kick. Both teams went down to the dressing room with the assurance that they would have a good first half.

The second part shows Basque fans singing all the time, hoping for another goal. The blue fans didn’t miss it, and, even in small numbers, they put on a show. In fact, Mineiro will suffocate on Thursday. More than 50 thousand tickets have already been sold for Cruzeiro x Ponte Preta, on holiday. the Brazilian fan is impressive. He really is, in every division.

Rafa Silva and Felipe Machado entered. Bid missed a remarkable goal on Geovane’s cross. Vasco’s goalkeeper was defeated. Vasco also made two changes. But it was seen that the Cruzmaltino team was trying to kill the game through a counterattack. Cruzeiro suggested the game even more, because they wanted to tie. And if it’s tied, it’s fair.

The game is the same the whole time. Jaj left with severe knee pain. Another concern. Time passed and Vasco came out with three points, maintaining their unbeaten record and closing Cruzeiro’s gap with four points. Nothing will interfere with the plans of the blue team, remote leader, with 10 points more than Sport, in fourth place, playing with Grmio today. And for us, Cruzeiro can’t win them all. I’ve already mentioned this.

Fla fights don’t fall apart

With a monthly salary of R $ 35 million and famous players, this time, Flamengo is fighting not to fall. A sad fact, because there is no money in the world that makes a team play good football, not without a minimum of organization and management. Red-black needs a total overhaul. Sending some players who can no longer deliver what they did in 2019. Simple!


Unlike those who want to implement a crisis in Galo, I see no reason to do so. The Minas Gerais team is still fighting for the cup and there has been a reduction in production due to some players, who also did not play the same football as last season. Despite these “problems”, five points came from the leader, Palmeiras. That I will complain full stomach!

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