Costa Rica beat New Zealand and finished last in the 2022 World Cup

The 32 countries that have qualified for the Qatar World Cup in 2022 have been determined. The 1-0 score was held at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Dohan, with striker Joel Campbell in charge.

Costa Rica will therefore hold its sixth edition of the World Cup, the third in a row. He has already participated in 1990, 2002, 2006, 2014 and 2018. New Zealand has been out of business since 2010, with previous participation in 1982.

The qualifying team is now in Group E of the World Cup. The key is complicated: Spain, Germany and Japan. His debut will be against the Spaniards at Al Thumama Stadium on November 23.

The hero of Costa Rica

Joel Campbell was a key player in his duel with New Zealand. At the age of 29, he scored 22 goals in 110 games for Costa Rica and led the country to the World Cup. The play came just under 2 minutes into the left. After Bennette’s cross, Campbell managed to send the ball into the net.

Campbell has had quick stays at clubs, including having been loaned out to Arsenal several times, never scoring a goal. From 2011 to 2018, when his contract with the English team ended, he played for Lorient, Betis, Olympiacos, Villarreal and Sporting. Today, Campbell is from Leon, Mexico, but last season he played on loan from Monterrey.

Navas and Bryan Ruiz: Icons of the Generation

The generation of the Costa Rican team that will reach the World Cup has PSG goalkeeper Keylor Navas and midfielder Bryan Ruiz as icons. The former is 35 years old and still plays at a high level in European football. The second, with the passage of Santos, is 36 and plays in Alajuelens. Navas reached 101 games with the national team. Bryan Ruiz, who came in shortly after the break, reached the 138th exit.

Alex Greive (New Zealand) and Bryan Oviedo are in a duel between Costa Rica and New Zealand for the Qatar World Cup qualifiers at Al Rayyan Stadium.


“Hey, hey, hey, Ticos, Ticos”

In the troop duel, Costa Rica prevailed. As Peru did the day before against Australia, Costa Rica’s presence was far greater than that of New Zealand, as can be seen in the stands at Al Rayyan. The shouts took part in the traditional “Sí, se puede”.

Look at that VAR

At a disadvantage, New Zealand took control of the match. The team is organized, tactically disciplined, but lacking in talent. In any case, until the 37th minute of the first half, for example, the statistics published on the stadium screen showed that 68% of the property was owned by New Zealanders, who made eight shots, three of which were scored. Costa Rica had only one shot, and that was it: the ball in Campbell’s net.

In the 38th minute, it looked like New Zealand had even scored a goal, including Wood. But the move was overturned after the VAR intervened, and he called the court to check that there was a foul on the play.

Eight minutes on the field and? Get out!

New Zealand continued to take the lead in the second half, but saw the hurdle rise above Barbarouses in the 23rd minute. The striker had only been on the pitch for eight minutes, replacing Alex Greive as coach Danny Hay struggled to change the landscape of the match.

As Costa Rica changed tactics, holding on to the three-point line and lowering the wing position even further, New Zealand continued to push. Chris Wood also had some chances from the air and other clashes in the area. But he did not find the goal, to the euphoria of Costa Rica.


World Cup Qualifiers – Repechage
Stadium: Ahmad Bin Ali, Doha (QAT)
Referee: Mohammed Abdulla (UAE)
Contributors: Mohamed Al Hammadi and Hasan Al Mahri (UAE)
Yellow cards: Reid (NZL); Contreras (CRC) and Bryan Ruiz (CRC)
Red card: Barbarouses (NZL)
Goal: Joel Campbell, 2 ‘/ 1. (1-0)

Costa Rica: Keylor Navas, Fuller (Carlos Martínez), Óscar Duarte, Francisco Calvo and Bryan Oviedo; Tejeda, Celso Borges (Chacón) and Bennette (Bryan Ruiz); Gerson Torres (Kendall Waston), Joel Cambell (Venegas) and Anthony Contreras. Coach: Luis Fernando Suarez

New Zealand: Oli Sail, Bill Tuiloma, Winston Reid (Just) and Nando Pijnaker; Niko Kirwan (Tim Payne), Joe Bell, Clayton Lewis (Stamenic) and Liberato Cacace; Matthew Garbett (Waine), Alex Greive (Barbarouses) and Chris Wood. Coach: Danny Hay.

* Journalist travels at the invitation of the Supreme Delivery & Legacy Committee

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