Coritiba dominated, won and ended the undefeated Botafogo series.

Coritiba defeated Botafogo 1-0 this afternoon (28) for the 8th round in Brasileirão, at Estádio Couto Pereira, in Curitiba, and ended the rival’s unbeaten series. The carioca team is unbeaten in eight games. The only goal of the match came from the feet of Igor Paixão, in the 27th minute of the first period.

As a result, Coritiba entered the G4, taking fourth place, with 13 points. Botafogo fell to seventh place, with 12. In the next round, Botafogo will face Goiás, at home, on June 6, at 8 p.m. Coritiba will fight in Ceará, at 7 p.m., Saturday (4th).

End of positive order

Since April 17, when Ceará won on the left at home, Botafogo has no idea what to lose. In addition to the Ceará team, Botafogo won over Flamengo and Fortaleza, tied with Juventude, Atlético-GO and Atlético-MG, all for Brasileirão. For the Copa do Brasil, he won two matches in Ceilândia, reaching eight games unbeaten.

Eight years and forbidden

The win against Botafogo also represents a break from the ban that lasted eight years. Coritiba’s last win against Alvinegro was on October 22, 2014, when they won 2-0 for the Brazilian. It should be noted that the last two duels took place in Serie B last year, a competition in which Botafogo was the champion and Coxa finished in third place.

Igor Paixão took the opportunity

Botafogo was not good in the game, but frequent defensive failures did not take away the merit of Igor Paixão, from Coxa, when he scored the only goal of the game and his 10th goal of the season. Made from base, the player has aroused the interest of teams in Brazil and abroad.

It was hard for Chay to come back

Chay’s return to the starting lineup didn’t solve Botafogo’s creation problems. The midfielder, who was absent from last week’s duel, against América-MG, due to a flu, worked hard and hit passes, but lost the ball several times and failed to show his best.

Coritiba bet on the defense

Coritiba showed up to be more effective than Botafogo for most of 90 minutes. With a closed defense set up alongside Matheus Alexandre, Guilherme de los Santos, Marcio Silva and Guilherme Biro, Botafogo presents little risk to the home team. Despite doing well in the defensive zone, he lost a lot of space in midfield and was forced to the sides, but was able to open the marker and hold the result.

Botafogo will not break the defense

Botafogo did not play well, lost the ball several times and the left side, along with Daniel Borges, did not move. However, he dominated midfield, putting pressure on the second period, but he was guilty of passes and attempts to break through the defense. The best moments are on the right, especially with Victor Sá.


Coritiba started the pressure and opened the scoring with 27 minutes left in the first half. Igor Paixão took advantage of Val’s launch into the area and pushed inside. Botafogo was only able to respond with 42, along with Del Piage, but to no avail. The second period was not much different, Coritiba once again started to move on, but this time with Fabrício, at 6. Lucas Fernandes, from Bota, answered with 12 and Coxa returned to attack at 18, with Léo Gamalho, but all unsuccessful attempts. The game remained cut short, with Coritiba’s defense and Botafogo’s pressure, but to no avail.


Reason: 8th round of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship
Location: Couto Pereira Stadium, in Curitiba (PR)
Date and time: May 29, 2022, at 16:00 (Brazilian time)
referee: Braulio da Silva Machado
Auxiliaries: Leonardo and Kleber Lucio Gil
Yellow cards: Victor Cuesta, Erison and Chay (BOT); Guillermo de los Santos, Val, Alex Muralha (CFC)
goals: Igor Paixão (CFC), at 28 in the 1st quarter;

Coritiba: Alex Muralha, Matheus Alexandre, Guillermo de los Santos, Marcio Silva, Guilherme Biro, Willian Farias, Val (Bernardo), Thonny Anderson, Fabrício, Léo Gamalho and Igor Paixão. Technician: Gustavo Morínigo.

Botafogo: Gatito Fernández, Saravia (Hugo), Kanu, Víctor Cuesta, Daniel Borges, Luís Oyama, Del Piage (Lucas Fernandes), Chay (Matheus Nascimento), Diego Gonçalves (Lucas Piazon), Erison and Victor Sá. Technician: Luis Castro.

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