Corinthians scored in the 45th minute and beat Flamengo for the Brazilian Women’s

The Corinthians visit Flamengo for the 12th round of the Brazilian Women’s Championship in 2022. The Corinthians won again in a duel played at the Estádio da Gávea, in Rio de Janeiro, 2-1 . Timão’s goals were scored by Adriana and Grazi.

The Corinthians had already started the game with a goal less than a minute into the game. The lightning goal, however, was not felt by Flamengo. With a complicated grass and rain at the start of the game, the Cariocas were able to level the duel and level the confrontation in the first period.

In the second stage, the hosts continue to create a lot of opportunities most of the time. The Corinthians tried to move the game with five changes in the second half, but it had an impact in the final part of the confrontation, with a Grazi goal in the 45th minute.

With the win, the Corinthians reached 27 points in the Women’s Brasileirão, the same number of points in the Internacional. It’s worth mentioning that Palmeiras and the Rio Grande do Sul team are still playing in the round.

Write it, Honestly! -The next Corinthians Feminino appointment is next Saturday, June 18. The alvinegra group welcomes the Internacional, at 2 p.m., in Parque São Jorge. The team from Rio Grande do Sul was one of the teams fighting for the championship lead, as were the Corinthians.


Of the six absentees, coach Arthur Elias couldn’t be trusted: Erika, Kati and Kemelli – all recovering from anterior cruciate ligament injury to the knee; Bianca Gomes, with an uncomfortable knee; Gabi Zanotti, has an ankle sprain and Juliete, has a strain on the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. In addition to them, Tainá Borges is in transition after recovering from an ACL injury.

With that, the coach went to the field with: Lele; Paulinha, Giovanna Campiolo, Tarciane and Yasmim; Diany, Lia Salazar and Tamires; Gabi Portilho, Adriana and Jaqueline.

My Helm

In the chair, Arthur Elias has the following options: Paty, Andressa, Miriã, Grazi, Mariza, Jheniffer, Ellen and Mylena.

The match

First time

Corinthians goal! In the first 44 seconds of the game, Tamires started a game on the left side of the field and crossed the area. The defender fell to the grass and left Jaqueline facing the goalkeeper. Shirt 30 tried to kick and was blocked, but the ball was left to Adriana, who pushed it behind the net and opened the scoring in Rio de Janeiro.

The grass at Estádio da Gávea is not in the best condition. In addition, rain in the city of Rio de Janeiro also helped worsen the lawn condition. Timão’s goal even came out of the failure of the opposing defense, with complications on the grass.

In this situation, the ball is less able to run and becomes more trapped on the field. In the 14th minute, Lia Salazar lost the ball near midfield and left Tuane in Lelê’s dangerous position. Corinthians followed closely the goalkeeper, who surpassed the goal.

In the next minute, it was Thaisa’s turn to try a ball towards the white-and-white goal. The experienced player came to the middle of the field and released his foot. Lelê jumped to push the ball with the tip of his glove.

In the 19th minute, the Corinthians had a foul in their favor on the right side of the field. Tamires took the ball in the area and defender Giovanna Campiolo took the lead and inserted it into the back of the net. But it’s not worth it! Corinthiana took the lead and the referee took the offside of the bid.

In 25 minutes, Lelê and Leidiane collided at the entrance to the venue. The flamengo player tried to advance to find a good angle to finish and collided with the corinthiana. The goalkeeper was treated by doctors inside the field, but he was not worried: he soon returned to goal.

The match became more balanced between the two teams in Rio de Janeiro. With Flamengo’s progress and some Timão’s attacking arrivals, the carioca team was able to tie the game at 35. Leidiane receives a ball between the Corinthians ’defense and pushes it behind the net..

At 47, an incredible move! The Corinthians, for a while, did not return to lead the mark. Salazar tried to push a ball that Portilho crossed and ended up pushing his foot into the grass. The ball fell to Tamires, who was blocked by the defense. Then, for the rest, Gabi Portilho tried to solve it, but it didn’t work out and sent it on purpose. Soon, the referee ended the first period of the match.

Second time

To try to reclaim the Women’s Brasileirão wins, Arthur Elias returned in the second half with two changes between the Brabas. Grazi and Mariza replaced Yasmim and Lia Salazar.

About nine minutes into the second half, the referee applied for the first yellow card of the match. Tuane shared the high leg with Giovanna Campiolo. Corinthiana did not suffer any problems.

In the first 12 minutes of the second half, Flamengo were even better than Timão in the game. The alvinegra team didn’t have a good chance of attacking in the first few minutes of the second half.

The Corinthians are still seeing new changes being made by coach Arthur Elias. Jheniffer and Miriã took the places of Jaqueline and Paulinha.

In the 22nd minute, Tamires fouled Cris on the right side of Flamengo’s attack. On hit, Leidiane straightened it into place and Lelê came out well to get the palm and eliminate the opponent’s danger.

A few minutes later, Tamires called Mariza through midfield. Shirt 20 crossed the area, but the ball came out. At the same time, Kika was on the lawn after feeling her knee. The flamenguista received help outside on the lawn.

Flamengo had another chance with a set piece, on the same side of the field, in the 27th minute. The ball was lifted into place, but it went through everyone and ended straight at baseline.

In the 28th minute, Miriã, acting as a right back, activated Gabi Portilho. Shirt number 18 crossed the area, but the Corinthian strikers passed the ball and ended up unfinished.

In the latter part of the game, at 39, Timão had another goal disallowed by the referee.. And a good creation for the Corinthians, Tamires put Grazi in good standing on the spot, but the goalkeeper made a save. On what rebound, Jheniffer couldn’t finish but, even if he did, he was in an offside position, according to the flag. The first phase of the Brasileirão Feminino, it should be noted, did not use VAR.

But the winning goal came to 45! Tamires crossed the area and the ball floated inside the small area. Tarciane tried to finish and couldn’t, but Grazi passed behind the defender and scored the second alvinegro goal in the confrontation! The game still has five minutes of extra time, but there is no time for anything else: Corinthians 2 to 1 Flamengo!

Flamengo Fact Sheet 1 x 2 Corinthians

Competition: Brazilian Women’s Championship
Location: José Bastos Padilha Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Date: June 11, 2022 (Saturday)
Period: 14:00 (from Brasilia)
referee: Felipe da Silva Gonalves Paludo
Assistants: Fabiana Nobrega Pitta and Michele Cristina da Silva Rodrigues
goals: Leidiane (Flemish); Adriana, Grazi (Corinthians)
Yellow cards: Tuane (Flemish); Tamires (Corinthians)

FLAMENGO: Gabi Croco; Rayanne, Stella, Cida, Monalisa, Thaisa (Kaylane), Kika Brandino, Andressa (Cris), Gisseli (Duda Rodrigues), Leidiane and Tuane (Gica).
Technician: Luis Andrade

CORINTHIANS: basaha; Paulinha (Miri), Giovanna Campiolo, Tarciane, Yasmim (Grazi), Diany (Mylena), Jaqueline (Jheniffer), Liana Salazar (Mariza), Gabi Portilho, Tamires and Adriana.
Technician: Arthur Elias

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