Corinthians is growing in the second half and has won the Ecus for the Paulista Under-20 Championship

The Corinthians under-20 team entered the field this Sunday for the seventh round of the Campeonato Paulista and with two goals in the second half, they beat Ecusi. The match took place at the Francisco Marques Figueira Municipal Stadium in Suzano.

Alvinegro’s goalkeepers were Arthur Sousa and Kayke. Curiously, when the team last met, in the second round, Parque São Jorge beat the opponent 5-0.

This Sunday’s game keeps Corinthians as the leader of Paulistão’s 9th set. Thus, Timãozinho’s campaign has four wins, a draw and a defeat, with 13 points at the state level.

Write it down, faithful! Timão’s under-20 team will return to the field next Wednesday for Paulistao. The opponent of the hour is Santo André, in Fazendinha, at 3 p.m.

The game


In order to try for the second consecutive victory, coach Danilo sent the following team to the field: Wesley Borges; Cauan da Mata, Tchoca, German, Vitor Meer; Ze Victor; Giovane, Matheus Araújo, Breno Bidon, Kayke Ferrari; Felipe Augusto.

My Destination

For the first time

The match started after nine minutes of the allotted time due to the delay of the ambulance. Timãozinho then turned the ball over. Two minutes into the match, Giovan’s free kick almost found the goal for fc, but the visitors’ keeper somehow managed to get ahold of it.

Until the 10th minute, the teams fought the clashes in the middle of the field, trying to recover the ball and start the play. Corinthians, hoping to get rid of Suzano’s team’s defense, found the spot with a table made by Kayke and Giovan near the area, but he threw his 11th shirt from the back line. In the 13th minute, Matheus Araújo threw a shot at Giovane in the box and, well marked, made a pivot and headed for the goal, but stopped in front of the goalkeeper of Ecus.

Timãozinho had another good chance in the 15th minute when Matheus Araújo opened the scoring for Felipe, who went to Giovane’s side to score, but the defender pushed away. Three minutes later, another play by the alvinegra team. Matheus Araújo then had a third chance at scoring, but a last ditch challenge made sure that he didnt. 11 shirts fixed the goalkeeper, Matheus fixed it, Breno Bidon played to send it to the left of the gate.

In a corner, Alemão climbed to his head and fell to the ground, in pain, he could not be in the game and was replaced in 20 minutes. In his place, coach Danilo sent Renato. After the replacement, Timãozinho sought to keep pace with the imposition. When Kayke invaded the area, Bidon picked up the ball and his left foot in defense of the home side.

In the 29th minute, Corinthians managed a good plot. Breno Bidon fell to the right, gave Cauani, and shot to Felipe Augusto, but the striker missed the opportunity in front of the goal. With 35 minutes gone, a long pass from the defense of Ecus resulted in a counterattack that set Timãozinho free through the middle, but the keeper made a spectacular diving save.

Two minutes into the game, Breno Bidon fired a shot from distance, but it flew harmlessly into the side-netting of the goal. Then it was the turn of the home side to look for a chance. Matheus Coelho shot from the edge of the area, but the Corinthians defense stopped and the ball went wide. In a corner, Ecus did not harm Timãozinho.

In the 40th minute, Ecus player Bruno Jesus received a yellow card for a foul on Giovane. At the end of the first stage, Vitor Meer picked up from Kayker and lifted the ball towards the goal, passing the goalkeeper, leaving it for Giovane. Suddenly, the attacker lost the ball and came out of the bottom. A minute was added, but it was not enough for both teams to change the score from zero.

The second time

Coach Luizão Ecus made two changes during the break. Felipe Saretta replaced Gabriel Indio and Guilherme Bruno replaced Juan Julio. After 2 minutes, Breno Bidon sent the corner kick right to Ecus who headed it sharply past the keeper. Felipe Britto was a disappointment, however.

Then Corinthians created a good play with Matheus Araújo. Kayke picked up from the left, invaded the area, headed for the goal, but the ball went wide. In the seventh minute, Timãozinho had two consecutive corners. In the second, the ball was left to Giovane, who was lifted by Tchoca to try to volley.

With nine minutes left Felipe Saretta was late to score Felipe Augusto, hitting the central striker. The referee immediately gave the home player a yellow card. At the age of 14, Gustavo Almeida left Wenderson Neves in pain.

Both teams played for a minute and a half without cutting, and in the 19th minute, Vitor Meer hit Kayke with his right foot and the home side took a corner. Matheus Araújo was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper. Trying to put in new petrol, coach Danilo made three changes: Breno Bidon, Giovane and Felipe Pedrinho, Wesley and Arthur Sousa.

The heat made it a terrible day for Timãozinho, who seemed unable to keep up with the other players. Wesley’s Matheus Coelho was shown a yellow card after 27 minutes for slicing down an opponent. The Parque São Jorge team tried to create a plot in the 29th area, but the ECU’s defense system backed down.

Attempts to open the scoring did not stop there. Shortly afterwards, Arthur Sousa missed two great chances. In the first, he made the farm and removed the mark, but sent the ball over the crossbar. Shortly afterwards, he knocked on the door.

The striker did not give up after missing two chances. In the 35th minute, Kayke made a good play from the right, scoring with Arthur, who sent him to the back of the goal in good condition.

Ecus tried to respond, but was stopped by Timãozinho’s goalkeeper. Shortly afterwards, Danilor’s team not only allowed their opponents to level the score, but also extended their lead. In the 38th minute, Kayk picked up from the right wing, took it in the middle and hit it with his left foot in the right corner of the door, with no chance for the goalkeeper.

In the last minutes, Timãozinho wanted to control the game on the offensive line and coach Danilo took advantage of the situation to make changes. Matheus Araújo and Kayke set off for Ryan and Thalisson. The referee took advantage of the three-minute extension to lift the plate, but nothing major happened and Corinthians got the win away from home.

ECUS 0 x 2 Corinthians data sheet

Competition: Paulista Under-20 Championship
Place: Francisco Marques Figueira Municipal Stadium, Suzano, SP
Date: June 12, 2022 (Sunday)
Hour: 15:00 (from Brazil)
Referee: Leonardo de Jesus Sampaio
Contributors: Patrick Andr Bardauil and Sidney Tadeu Mendona de Oliveira
goals: Kayke Ferrari, Arthur Sousa (Corinthians)
Yellow cards: Bruno Jesus (ECUS); Wesley Borges (Corinthians)

ECU: William Bruno; Bruno Jesus, Vinicius Dorneles, Pedro Cruz and Gabriel Indio; Nicolas Barutti, Kawann, Felipe Britto and Matheus Coelho (Guilherme Xavier); Gustavo Almeida (Wenderson) and Luka Bessa.
Technician: Louis

CORINTHIANS: Wesley Borges; Cauan da Mata, Joo Pedro, Alemo (Renato Santos) and Vitor Meer; Z Victor; Kayke Ferrari (Thalisson), Matheus Arajo (Ryan), Breno Bidon (Pedrinho) and Felipe Augusto (Arthur Sousa); Giovanni (Wesley Borges).
Technician: Danilo

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