Corinthians beat Juventude in the Brazilian Women’s Under-20s and climb the stage invincibly

On Friday morning, at the Gabriel Marques Silva Stadium, Corinthians beat Juventude 2-0 in a match that qualifies for the Brazilian Under-20 Women’s Championship with goals from Daise and Ellen. Due to the goalless draw between Avaí-Kindermann and Botafogo da Paraiba, Timão has already qualified for the second phase of the competition.

With the victory in the last duel of the group stage, the Parque São Jorge team reached 14 points in the standings, the leader of Group B. Without a win, Brabinhas scored four wins and two draws in six matches played.

In the next phase, the groups will be divided into two groups of four participants. They will be measured face to face in a single round and the best two from each set will advance to the semi-finals. The duels do not yet have a date and time.


Technician Thaissan Passos couldn’t count on Duda Mineira, who was knocked out in the last game after a draw with Kindermann, and Miracatu, who had a sprained ankle. With that, Corinthians entered the field: Ravenna, Áhlice Guedes, Amanda Vital, Bell, Gabi Medeiros, Sabrina Amorim, Julia Brito, Ellen, Manu Olivan, Carioca and johane.

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The game

For the first time

The home side’s Corinthians took possession of the ball after a miscued clearance by the defense and capitalized fully on the mistake to make it 1-0. Gabi Medeiros was allowed to take it quickly by the referee, much to the dismay of the goalkeeper who wasn’t prepared. After a brief tussle with his marker, Áhlice Guedes was able to power the ball past the keeper to make the score 1 – 1. It was 0 – 1 at the break.

With ten minutes to go, Timão dominated the field. Juventud, on the other hand, did not go beyond the middle of the pitch. Gabi Medeiros tried to even things up by sending a long ball towards the centrally placed strikers, but the visitors’ defense got the best of this rather direct style of play.

Shortly afterwards, Áhlic missed a pass and Juventud fired a counter-attack. However, alvinegra’s defense soon recovered and regained possession of the ball. The Santa Catarina team, with poor performance, then started to raise the marking line and made it difficult for the Corinthians to leave the ball.

In the 16th minute, in a side ball, Ellen tried to shoot the goal, but the defense stopped it. In the sequence, Sabrina tried from a distance, but also failed. Shortly afterwards, Ellen took a free kick, the ball hit the crossbar and Juventude almost counterattacked, stopping the good mark of the black and white defenders.

Corinthians came back in danger in the 24th minute. At that moment, Carioca picked up a ball inside the area and hit it hard in the head. Well placed, the goalkeeper stretched out on defense. Later, the Thaissan technique made its first change, removing Sabrina Amorim and replacing Lívia.

At the age of 34, Ellen was missing, fell on the grass, and received medical attention. Gabi Medeiros missed and Timão almost managed to open the scoring. The final minutes of the opening stage were intense under Corinthian pressure, but with mistakes. Thus the team went to the break with a zero score.

The second time

At the end of the break, Parque São Jorge came back as in the first half: with great intensity of attack, but failed in the last shot. After three minutes, Gabi Medeiros sent a free kick in high over the penalty box.

Next, Amanda arrived with the risk of an attack, but was stopped by the Santa Catarina defense. In the seventh minute, Corinthians almost took advantage of the same goal, but the archer prevented the play.

With the pressure on Corinth, Áhlic made a cross from inside the area and the ball went very close to the opponent’s goal. After the offer, the goalkeeper fell on the field and sought medical attention.

On the 15th, Carioca missed a good chance near the area, but Corinthians had plenty. Ellen tried in the middle of the street, but failed. Thaissan’s technique made one more change: he took out Johane and introduced Daise.

In the 23rd minute of the clock, the alvinegro attack had one more chance, with the ball on the post. Shortly afterwards, Manu made a nice pass to Carioca, who threw the ball into the middle of the area. The archer once again calmly defended.

In the 27th minute, Timão took the lead. Dais received a good cross and did nothing but push to the back of the net.. In the sequence, Thaissan made another change: replacing Stefanie Carioca. In the final stretch Manuk still ended up in danger, but the ball went over the bottom. In a foul near the area, Ellen extended it to 2-0which confirms the victory of the Corinthians.

Corinthians 2 x 0 Youth Card

Competition: Brazilian Under-20 Women’s Championship
Place: Santana de Parnaba Municipal Stadium, Santana de Parnaba, SP
Date: May 13, 2022 (Friday)
Hour: 10:30 a.m. (from Brazil)
Referee: Thiago Luis Scarascati
Contributors: Leandro Matos Feitosa and Alberto Poletto Masseira
goals: Ellen Christine, Daise (Corinthians)
Yellow cards: Manu Olivan (Corinthians); Bianca (young people)

CORINTHIANS: Raven (Rillary); hlice Guedes, Amanda Vital, Bell, Gabi Medeiros, Sabrina Amorim (Lvia), Julia Brito, Ellen Cristine, Manu Olivan, Carioca (Stefanie) and Johane Victoria (Daise).
Technician: Thaissan Steps

YOUNGS: Livia Leal; Katry, Priscila, Eduarda, Michele, Gabi, Bianca, Isa, Leticia, Larissa (Mylene) and Sara (Luana).
Technician: Luciano Brandalise

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