Corinthians are misbehaving, Cuiabá has been defeated and could lose the lead

The Corinthians have finished 11 games unbeaten. Timão beat Cuiabák (07) 1-0 at Arena Pantanal tonight with a goal from Uendel. The result brought Mato Grosso out of the relegation zone of Serie A in the Brazilian Championship and could have left Alvinegro out of the lead in the turn of the Palmeiras and / or Atletico-MG victories.

As it has been a few weeks, Corinthians did not play good football. The team was apathetic in the first half and saw that Cuiabá was more aggressive in the attack until Timão scored a free kick in the exit of the ball. In the second half, Vítor Pereira changed the structure of the team, but Alvinegrro created little and left the field defeated.

With the victory, Cuiabá reached 11 points in the standings and finished 15th, now out of the submarine. Corinthians are down 18 points and could lose the lead if Galo defeats Fluminense tomorrow at the Maracanã, or if Palmeiras wins Botafogo at Allianz Parque in Thursday’s match (9).

Best: Pepe

Cuiabá were determined to attack on the wing and their central attempts were constantly abandoned in favor of the wings. On the other hand, Cantillo was given a discount dribble in the middle of the pitch and was stopped only by a cart from defender Gil.

Who was wrong: Adson

Although the tactical system had to be sacrificed when he had to return to the defensive field in search of the ball, the attacking midfielder tried to hit almost nothing, posed no danger to Cuiabá and even lost the ball. the opponent’s goal.

intense start

It took him a few more minutes to get into the Pantanal Arena and he missed a good start to the game. Taking advantage of the individual flaws of the Corinthians defense, Cuiabá had two good chances with center-forward André – the former defended by Cássio and the latter close to the post. Even ten minutes before the start, Timão also had a good chance with Gustavo Mosquito, who was left in the hands of João Carlos.

in the middle of the dead field

Corinthians started the game with more possession, but without dominating the game and creating very little in the offensive system. Defenders Robson Bambu, Gil and Raul Gustavo were the ones who touched the ball the most for the São Paulo team, which shows the difficulty of alvinegra to attack the opponent. Without taking part in the match, striker Róger Guedes stepped back and tried to become the team’s articulator, but without success.

The old law does not fail

The only goal of the match came from the feet of Uendel Cuiabá captain and former Corinthians athlete. After an error by Timão in the start of the ball, Adson’s attacking midfielder was disarmed while he was still on the defensive field and left the ball to the 6th shirt, which dominated and hit the center, low, near the foot of the net. post, complicating any of Cassio’s actions.

Corinthians nervous and VP upset

At a disadvantage, Timão tried to go on the attack to try to recover what he had lost in the first half. Unorganized, Raul Gustavo and Du Queiroz were unable to reach the pitch. Before the break, coach Vítor Pereira sent Renato Augusto, Lucas Piton and Júnior Moraes to warm up.

Four substitutions at a time

Completely unhappy with the Corinthians’ first half, the Portuguese coach made four changes during the break: Renato Augusto, Giuliano, Lucas Piton and Júnior Moraes entered the field in the absence of Adson, Du Queiroz, Bruno Melo and Robson. Bamboo, respectively.

Roger Guedes on the left

With the changes in, Corinthians started to play 4-3-3 and striker Róger Guedes had a chance to play open on the left side of the attack, in the position he feels most comfortable with. Recently, the No. 9 shirt and Vítor Pereira were attacked in the back of CT Joaquim Grava, precisely because the Portuguese did not play on that pitch.

Only Cuiabá gives

Reconfigured and with more experience on the field, Corinthians saw Cuiabá very close to extend the lead early in the second half. Midwest lost an opportunity with Alan Empereur after a corner kick, after which André attempted a pass in the middle of the pitch and killed a hopeful counterattack.

Corinthians balances the game

After the first ten minutes of the final phase, the Corinthians were tactically found in the match and became the protagonists of the Arena Pantanal match. Midfielders Giuliano and Renato Augusto managed to organize the team and cornered Cuiabári on the defensive field.

Manifesto in the stands and the game paralyzed

For three minutes, Judge Marcelo de Lima de Henrique stopped the Arena Pantanal match. Some Corinthians fans waved flags in the stands and waved a banner criticizing the ticket price at R $ 200. In such cases, the suspension of the game is recommended by the CBF.

Corinthian pressure and Valdivia expelled

In the final minutes, Corinthians went on the attack, ‘bouncing’ the ball into the opponent’s area, but did not create a single high-risk shot. In a quick shot from the right by Mantuan, midfielder Valdivia was thrown with a cart and received a yellow card. The VAR erupted, the referee reviewed the offer and decided to expel the player Cuiabá, who did what he could to hold the defense and secure three points at home.

next games

Cuiabá will return to the field next Saturday (11) at 19:00 (GMT) against Red Bull Bragantino in Arena Pantanal for the 11th day of the Brazilian Championship.

Corinthians play the same day, at 16:30, against Juventude, in the Neo Química Arena, also in the Serie A of Brasileirão.


The reason: Serie A do Brasileirão 10th matchday 2022
Data and time: June 7, 2022 (Tuesday), 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time)
Place: Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá (MT)
Referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE)
Contributors: Junior Nailton of Sousa Oliveira (CE) and Márcia Bezerra Lopes Caetano (RO)
VAR: Rafael Traci (SC)

goals: Uendel, 35th in Part 1 (1-0)

Yellow cards: Joao Carlos (Cuiabá); Raul Gustavo and Du Queiroz (Corinthians)
red cards: Valdivia (Cuiabá)

Kuiaba: Joan Carlos; João Lucas, Alan Empereur, Marllon and Uendel; Camilo, Rafael Gava (Marcão Silva) and Pepê (Paulão); André Luís, Felipe Marques (Valdivia) and André Felipe (Jenison). Technician: Bernardo Franco.

Corinthians: Cassio; Robson Bambu (Junior Moraes), Gil and Raul Gustavo; Gustavo Mantuan, Cantillo, Du Queiroz (Giuliano) and Bruno Melo (Lucas Piton); Gustavo Mosquito (Wesley), Adson (Renato Augusto) and Róger Guedes. Technician: Victor Pereira.

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