Corinthians are celebrating the arrest of the man who threatened Willian. The attacking midfielder wanted to return to Europe – Prism

São Paulo Brazil

Rafael Rocha, 21 years old.

Auxiliary feeding.

The arrest of this man today in Capão Redondo, south of the capital city of São Paulo, was fundamental to the Corinthians.

Threats via the Internet were aimed at confirming Willian’s desire to leave the club’s management in Brazil, with his wife Vanessa Martins taking over from Rocha.

It was the second time the attacking midfielder, the main signing in 2021, has been receiving a threat on the Internet. In the first, Willian, his wife, and their daughter received horrific positions after the defeat of the Corinthians against Always Ready in Bolivia on April 5th.

At the time, in addition to William, Cassio was also threatened. In fact, the goalkeeper was the focus of the attacks, as well as the right to show revolvers and bullets.

But one of Willian’s daughters received a message saying that his father would be the first player to have a “car on fire” if the team did not win again.

The São Paulo Civil Police found and arrested the perpetrators of the seven posts. They were all registered. But they released him. Which ends up being a bad example.

So much so that, after a draw against América Mineiro, Rafael Rocha also decided to threaten Willian.

“Corinthians is a shot, a thief, a knife, a group of favelas, a mess. That’s not the hell, sissy bunch. Either play for love or play for fear !! , ass “.

He wrote and “marked” Willian. That is, the message was addressed to the attacking midfielder.

The newspaper Marca, from Spain, claimed to have donated 27 million euros, about R $ 137 million, which it would earn by June 2023 at Arsenal. He made a deal with the English club to come and play for Corinthians.

After this second threat, Willian personally insisted on going to the Department of Special Police Operations (DOPE). He filed a complaint and arrested the person who was serving the sentence, promising to be tried.

He was at the police station yesterday.

But William was not alone in going to the police.

Duilio Monteiro spoke with Corinthians president Alves and football director Roberto de Andrade. It was clear that he would no longer accept this situation. And if it continues, it will return to Europe, where it still has a market.

Duilio and Roberto said they would “take action.” Corinthians then issued a note of disapproval. In addition, the directors and the board of directors, who tried to assist the Civil Police, tried to help.

The arrest of Rafael Rocha reassures the leaders.

The person who threatened him because he was William was the first to be warned that he was in prison.

The penal code, if convicted, imposes sentences of between six months and two years. The situation that threatens football players has not yet happened.

There have been agreements with fines and community services.

Soft penalties are an incentive for criminal dispatches, unfortunately.

Corinthians wants to give an example of the arrest of Rafael Rocha. To leave behind the players of the club. The actors expect a firm response from the director.

William calmed down at first.

But you don’t want to know more about Internet threats.

Again, contrary to what the athlete’s father says, Willian will ask him to leave Brazil.

The Corinthians administration knows this.

And still worried.

Even with the help of organized leaders.

To control the fans.

Athletes also expect greater rigidity in penalties.

Only then will they hope that this cowardice will end …

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