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The 35-year-old striker has a contract until the end of 2023, however given all the money he receives for the remainder of his contract (18 months). He clarified to look for another club.

– I asked my representatives to find President Duílio and hold a meeting, which took place this Thursday morning (June 9), in a friendly way, we concluded the contract and I will continue my career. Before that, I want to thank President Duílio, all the club employees, the coach staff, all the players, the good friends I have made all my life, the Corinthian fans, which is very special to me. I wish good luck to all of them and to the club that exposed me to football – as Jô said, through his advice.

On a note, the Corinthians affirmed that the decision to separate came from the player himself:

“This Thursday (09), Sport Club Corinthians Paulista and athlete Jô reached an agreement to terminate the contract.

The player expresses the will to end the tie in advance. or Corinthians accepted the athlete’s decision and announced that the contract, valid until December 2023, had expired.

For Filho do Terrão, top scorer in the history of the Neo Química Arena, two -time Brazilian champion and Paulista champion, the Corinthians thank you for all the opportunities and hope you are the best to continue the career of one of the great names in the history of the Club ”.

During this time, Jô participated in 19 games, with four goals scored. The striker is out of Cuiabá due to foot trauma that has sidelined him in the last three games. He was injured on a 1-1 draw with Always Ready on May 26. Since then, he has lost games against América-MG (home), Atlético-GO (fight) and Cuiabá (away).

Lack of training is not a remote mistake. In March, the player missed two training sessions after traveling to celebrate his birthday. The board and the Portuguese coach himself have said they will not forgive a new failure of the player, which has already come from other problems off the field in 2021.

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The Sportv team remembers the controversies in Jô’s career

Without him, the Corinthians would have Júnior Moraes and Róger Guedes for the forward center role and along with youngsters from base, such as Giovane and Felipe Augusto. The trend for the club to seek a confirmation for the role is to open the national transfer window, on July 18th.

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Jô leaves the pain of Corinthians vs Always Ready – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

The youngest player to debut for Timão until 2019, when defender Lucas Belezi “took” the record.

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The Brazilian champion in 2005, he was sold to CSKA Moscow, toured Europe and returned to Timão in 2017 to become champions of São Paulo and Brazil with prominence, in a year in which he scored 25 goals.

After losing his training, Jô ended his contract with the Corinthians:

After a lack of training, Jô ended his contract with the Corinthians: “You cannot do this gently”, according to Júnior

Sold out of Japanese football, he returned to the Corinthians in mid-2020 for a three-year contract. In total, he amassed 284 games for Timão, placing him in the top-40 in club history. He has 65 goals. Thus, he was the highest scorer among the Corinthians in the 21st century.

Jô’s other important mark, which was included last season, was the top scorer at Neo Química Arena. He left Ángel Romero and showed a 30-goal mark in Itaquera.

Jô for the Corinthians in 2004-Photo: Diário de São Paulo

Banner Corinthians-Photo: Reproduction

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