Civil Police forensic officials cannot identify what Rafael Ramos told Edenilson

Rio Grande do Sul Civil Police are investigating an alleged racial injury to player Rafael Ramos. CorinthiansAgainst Edenilson, International, Player Alvinegro has reported that it is impossible to identify what Colorado has said on the night of May 14, in a match held in Beira-Rio.

The 40-page report on lip reading requested by the agency was sent to the 2nd Porto Alegre Police Station in charge of the case by the Rio Grande do Sul General Court Institute (IGP) on Wednesday.

“For these reasons, it is inappropriate for the official State Criminal Statement, from a procedural and scientific point of view, to state what the player said in the scene in question,” reads a statement from the IGP.see in full below).

According to Daniel Bialski, Rafael Ramos’s lawyer, the case is expected to be filed. “As a result, experts cannot say that Rafael made any racist comments. which only reinforces what the defense has been saying all along, that he has not made such a statement. The other player understood something that never really happened. With all this, the defense hopes to file a police investigation as a logical consequence of the lack of elements to continue with this process, ”he explained.

Previously, Corinthians had hired two experts to complete their player’s defense. The first, on May 20, He had a report from the Curitiba Expert Center.

The document stated that the Portuguese Rafael Ramos had not committed a crime of racial injury and was signed by Anderson Marcondes Santana Júnior, Daniela Cristina Silva Lima Ramos Guidugli and Giovana Giroto, people with severe and profound bilateral hearing impairment since childhood.

Second skill, carried out by a specialized forensic team and released this Friday, also followed the same path, confirming the previous report. The words were “F …, bro, c …” and not “F …, monkey,” which is what Edenilson complained about. Both players have already testified in the High Court of Sports Justice.

See full IGP release note:

The General Institute of the Court has sent to the 2nd Police Station of Porto Alegre the Report of the Experts on the request for a lip-reading on the events that took place on May 14 at the Estádio Beira Rio.

Four videos were submitted for review. One of them was chosen because of the greater spread of the scene in question and the better quality of the signal. The images were treated with enhancement software and presented with sufficient quality for analysis. 41 frames were taken from the requested scene.

Due to the inability to identify the movements in the inner cavity of the player’s white shirt, it is technically impossible to locate all the traces that define the sequence of consonants and vowels emitted. Most of the gestures that make up speech occur in the oral environment or in other parts of the mouth, such as the pharynx and larynx. Even in high-quality video, it’s not possible to get information about what’s going on in the unseen part of the voice path.

With regard to the demand for expert analysis of lip reading, it is worth noting that no scientific methodology has been found, applied to forensic video analysis, to support this type of work. There are only publications on visual perception of speech and learning to read lips. In addition, the submitted album does not contain the sound of lectures that were of interest for research, and the audio experience is impossible.

For these reasons, it is inappropriate for official State criminal statements, from a procedural and scientific point of view, to state what the player said in the scene in question. According to the report, “without proper sound signals, in order to perform proper auditory perception and acoustic analysis, it is conceptually unfeasible to define a reliable and unambiguous sound pattern provided by an individual based solely on information about component articulation gestures. they can be seen from the outside (such as the lips and jaw) ”. The document also states that “without a speech-related audio (and the resulting acoustic signal) related to what an interviewer said, it would be a mere exploration of the consequences of trying to map what was said in an image, representing much more conjecture than material evidence.”

The Expert Report is 40 pages long and is signed by two criminal experts from the Audio and Images Department of the IGP’s Department of Criminology.

understand the case

Internacional hosted Corinthians on May 14 in Beira-Rio for a match that is valid for the sixth matchday in Brasileirão. At the time of the ball fight, Portuguese athlete Rafael Ramos heard the word “monkey”, Edenilson said.

The Colorado midfielder opened a police report to denounce the incident, and Rafael was caught in action by police inside the stadium for the crime of racial violence. The São Paulo club paid a bail of R $ 10,000 and were released on bail.

Rafael Ramos said it was all a misunderstanding and went to the locker room of the International to talk to Edenilson. The midfielder later confirmed that he had heard the word “monkey”. Seeing this, Corinthians hired two experts.

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