‘Ceni changes kill São Paulo’; see notes

In a hot classic, São Paulo had the win on their hands, but took the turn and lost 2 of 1 to Palmeiras on Monday (20), for Brasileirão. Tricolor made it 1 to 0 and had control of Choque-Rei in Morumbi. As in recent games, however, Rogério Ceni’s team wasted opportunities to ‘kill’ the game and allow the opponent’s reaction. Verdão grew in the game, asking for good defenses from Jandrei and winning by two goals in the final minutes.

on Live from Sao Pauloprogram in UOL Esporte after the Tricolor games, journalists Marcelo Hazan, Menon and Gabriel Perecini criticized the reduction in production in São Paulo during the Choque-Rei. For Menon, the substitutions made by Rogério Ceni in the last part of the classic are decisive for the result.

“São Paulo played a decent game and fought a lot. Rogério was right to solidify in midfield with Patrick and the team holding on well. But in the second half they backtracked the myth and, in the end finally, shows the main issue: they can’t play on the counterattack, because they don’t have a player for that. The two substitutions in the 37th minute of the second half just killed São Paulo “, Menon analyzed, referring to the entries of Rigoni and Éder in the areas of Rodrigo Nestor and Calleri.

For the UOL columnist, Calleri’s departure, at first, left Tricolor without its only weapon to trouble alviverde’s defense. “Without Calleri, it would have been easier for Palmeiras to get the ball. São Paulo didn’t put more pressure and didn’t have a counterattack with Rigoni and Éder. To compete,” he said.

For Menon, the loss of the classic showed São Paulo what to expect in Brasileirão. “It shows the real place of the team and puts an end to its illusions. Even if it tries, with dignity, it will be defeated by a bigger opponent. The championship will be common”, he lamented.

See notes for São Paulo players:


Hazan – Works well – 6.5

Menon – Very good play. He made good saves. Lost some balls out – 7.5

Perecini – He made three good saves, but made a silly penalty. Aside from a number of errors in the release of the ball, which pushed São Paulo back – 5.5

Diego Costa

Hazan – 6

Menon – 6

Perecini – Had a very good second half – 6.5


Hazan – 7

Menon – Everything is stored there. Covered and pointed forward – 7.5

Perecini – Playing with his style. He did well in the plot with three defenders – 7


Hazan – 7

Menon – I like Reinaldo’s pass, which ended with Nestor’s wrong shot – 6

Perecini – This is the best in São Paulo. They all won in the first half. Playing a very good game – 7.5

Igor Vinicius

Hazan – 5.5

Menon – Very weak. Lost a goal. It may be more offensive than Rafinha, but it’s not a relief – 4

Perecini – Won the corner from goal in São Paulo. Despite this involvement, he played a small game – 5.5

Gabriel Neves

Hazan – Made a good game – 6.5

Menon – I really like it. Win attack duels, score high – 6.5

Perecini – I enjoyed his departure. He accompanied and won the battles of Scarpa. He did well in fights and was bad at scoring – 6.5

Rodrigo Nestor

Hazan – 5

Menon – In twelve minutes, he got two shots on goal. It can kill the game and that’s very decisive – 5

Perecini – Plays a game and loses game balls. The chance to kill the game fell at his feet, but it was important to individually mark Danilo – 4

Igor Gomes

Hazan – 6

Menon – He struggles a lot and tries very hard – 6

Perecini – It was well triggered early on. Very reasonable combination – 6.5


Hazan – 5

Menon – He missed a few balls and he lost a tackle to Dudu, but he took advantage of Palmeiras ’right side. This is pretty offensive – 6.5

Perecini – Dudu’s body disappeared. He tried very hard to give Palmeiras a goal. I like the support from the left, but it’s not enough – 4.5


Hazan – It was a positive surprise and he scored. It was one of his best games for São Paulo – 7.5

Menon – He came back and did a good recomposition, but he kept going and scored an opportunistic goal – 7.5

Perecini – He played in one of the best games for São Paulo. It is important to recover and score the goal – (Perecini did not give a grade)


Hazan – Brawler to the End – 6

Menon – It was a lion. At first he was very alone and left the place. He’s a player I won’t remove from the game – 7

Perecini-He was alone and fighting for the ball. Very well done in that sense, but it doesn’t have a great chance of getting it done – 6.5

Don’t forget! The next edition of Live from Sao Paulo on Thursday (23), after the classic against Palmeiras, in the first leg of round 16 of the Copa do Brasil. You can follow the program through the UOL Channel, in the app UOL Scoreon the São Paulo page of UOL Esporte or at UOL Esporte Youtube channel.

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