Ceará wins with two Mendoza, and América-MG loses the chance to go to the G4

Cear had an inspiring night to win the 2-0 win over América-MG from Mendoza today (8) at the Arena Independência for the tenth day of the Brazilian Championship. The Colombian striker scored two goals and became runner-up in the national championship, scoring six goals, two less than Calleri, from São Paulo.

As a result, Dorival Junior’s team moved away from the relegation zone and reached 13 points, two more than the first team in the Z4. Coelho, on the other hand, missed the chance to sleep in the G4 and remains with 14 points.

In the next round, América-MG will visit São Paulo, Morumbin, and Cearák Goiás, Goiânia. Both games will be played on Sunday (12) at 4 p.m.

Who did it right: Mendoza

The Ceará striker was decisive once again and held on to the goal-scoring phase with two more goals. He has scored eight goals in the last seven games; in that stretch, he only lost to Santos’ goalless draw.

Who was wrong: Aloísio

Boi Bandido could not be more effective in attacking and did not appear in the match. He was replaced by Wellington Paulista during the break. Discrete performance.

game chronology

América-MG and Ceará had a slow first half, but with few chances to score, in Independencia. Despite the balance, the visitors managed to open the scoring in the early stages in a counterattack. In the 21st minute, Mendoza took advantage of Rodrigo Lindoso’s shot and replaced Jailson with a 1-0 lead.

Before the 10th minute of the second half, Mendoza added another to secure Cear’s victory in Belo Horizonte.

America MG game

Mancini’s team did not perform well in front of the fans. On the other hand. He created little and suffered in the attack to score Mendoza, who scored two goals.

Cear’s game

Coach Ceará Dorival Júnior came up with the idea to keep the ball going. The strategy worked, and Vozão got an important victory away from home.

‘Speed’ Mendoza in your style

Ceará’s first goal was scored by the Colombian, who used speed, his main feature, to take advantage and face Jailson. In the last phase he scored again and scored the 15th goal of the season. Mendoza is Vozão’s top scorer of the year.

The judge upheld the decision by calling the VAR

Douglas Marques das Flores was called to the video to investigate Mendoza’s possible absence from Patric’s door. Despite the recommendation, the referee saved the goal and validated the goal.

Confusion after the end of the first part

The players from América-MG and Ceará had a disagreement and fought in the locker room after the start of the initial stage. Despite the confusion, the judge did not warn anyone.

The end of the race without an American victory at home in Brasileirão

Coelho had been in Brasileirão for nine months without losing his independence. The last home defeat was on August 23 last year, 2-0, against Red Bull Bragantino.

What’s up, Patrick?

At the start of the second half, the right-wing defender América-MG played a strange part. After a cross from the area, Jailson was given a chance to change things around.

Pauline Wellington bites the Messiah (literally)

And the curiosity didn’t stop there. The América-MG striker almost bit the Ceará defender next to the court and did not notice. The VAR did not request an offer review.


Brazilian Championship, Day 10
Place: Arena Independência, Belo Horizonten (MG)
Date and time: June 8, 2022 at 7:00 pm (Brasilia Time)
Referee: Douglas Marques das Flores (SP)
Contributors: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse and Alex Ang Ribeiro (both from SP)
VAR: Ciro Chaban Junqueira (DF)
Yellow cards: Felipe Azevedo, Juninho, Henrique Almeida (AME); Nino Paraiba, Rodrigo Lindoso (CEA)
goals: Mendoza (CEA), 1/21 and 2/9 (0-1 and 0-2)

AMERICA-MG: Jailson, Patric (Raúl Cáceres), Éder and Conti, Marlon; Lucas Kal (Rodriguinho), Juninho and Alê (Henrique Almeida); Felipe Azevedo (Gustavinho), Everaldo and Aloísio (Wellington Paulista). Technician: Vagner Mancini

DINNER: João Ricardo; Nino Paraíba (Iury Castilho), Messias, Lacerda and Victor Luis; Richard Coelho (Geovane), Richardson and Rodrigo Lindoso (Fernando Sobral); Mendoza, Vina (Michel Macedo) and Matheus Peixoto (Cléber). Technician: Dorival Junior

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