Ceará equalized at a standstill and frustrated Flamengo in Castelão – 05/14/2022

In a match full of Castilian alternatives, Ceará and Flamingo drew 2-2 in favor of the Brazilian. Fla were winning until the 45th minute of the second half, but Nino Paraiba, in a foul, left everything the same.

Willian Arão opened the scoring with a header, but Mendoza equalized early on. The 5th shirt gave Fla the advantage again and the red-blacks saw the victory pass by the toes already in stoppage time.

Flak had more control of the game from the start against a rival who gave Paulo Sousa’s team a lot of space to work the ball. Dorival Jr.’s team. in the last stage he changed his attitude, went to the extreme and scored a valuable point.

After spending some time away from home, Fla will return to the Maracana on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m., facing the Universidad Católica (CHI), against the Libertadores team. On the same day, Alvinegro receives General Caballero (PAR) at 7:15 p.m., in a match that serves South America.

Who did it right: Willian Arão on goal scorer

After a short tussle with the defender, Willian Arão finally tucked the ball home. Known for his quality in air ball, the midfielder took advantage of two shots from Arrascaeta with a header. Along with João Gomes, the 5th shirt gave more strength to the defense sector and improved the quality of the output.

Arina! Mendoza makes Fla’s defense hell

Mendoza celebrated his goal against Flamingo

Image: Lucas Emanuel / AGIF

The main escape of the match, Mendoza had a headache for Flamingo’s defense system, especially when he landed on the back of Isla. With a lot of speed and advantage in individual duels, the Colombian opened the scoring for his teammates and showed that he is connected to the offer he scored.

Flemish: punishment at last

With a very strong collective performance, Flak showed great dominance over his opponent. The team scored hard, giving the Alvin team a few gaps and highlighting the individual quality of their players. In the nap, however, Vozão’s equalizer allowed him to score. The team still had the peace of mind to recover the essence of the match, but as victory was on the way, Hugo gave a foul to Nino Paraiba.

Ceará: pressure to get a loose mark and a draw

Ceará vs Flamengo - Lucas Emanuel / AGIF - Lucas Emanuel / AGIF

Erick Ceará tries to get hold of the ball but it slips out of his hands

Image: Lucas Emanuel / AGIF

Ceará opted for the strategy of allowing more flamenco players to play and more speed in the counterattack. The idea worked in part, as Mendoza’s speed was the team’s main weapon, but Flak’s calmness was a side effect. In the air ball, Vozão scored two goals for Flak and sealed the barrier of João Ricardo. Towards the end of the match, Nino Paraiba took a free kick from the cap and secured the point for a more organized and played team on the opponent’s field.

it made it harder! get out early

With less than 10 minutes left, Vina, who had high hopes for the Alvin’s goal, felt a muscle problem in his calf and fell into the grass. The 29th T-shirt gave way to Zé Roberto.

Flak demands a penalty

In the 40th minute of the second half, Gabigol fell into the area after being in contact with Richardson and demanded a penalty. Luis Flavio de Oliveira stopped the match, consulted video referee Rodrigo Guarizo, but ordered the match to continue.


In the 6th minute of the first half, Arrascaeta took a corner kick and Arão headed in. On the 25th, Zé ​​Roberto made a quick foul, Mendoza left quickly and hit Hugo with no chance. In the 37th minute, Arrascaeta took a free kick and Arão cut his head off to score again. In the 45th minute, Nino took a free kick and scored.

nation by weight

Flamenco fans have sold the 10,500 red and blacks in Castelão. The nation was present from the moment the delegation landed and made noise on the field.


Competition: Brazilian Championship – Sixth day
Place: Arena Castelão, Fortalezan (CE)
Day: Saturday, May 14, 2022
Timetable: 16:30 (Brasilia time)
Referee: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira (SP)
Contributors: Alex Ang Ribeiro (SP) and Daniel Paulo Ziolli (SP)
VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (SP)
goals: Willian Arão in the 6th minute of the first half; Mendoza, in the 25th minute of the first half; Aaron, 37 in the first half; Nino Paraiba in the 45th minute of the second half
Yellow cards: Pablo, Ayrton Lucas, Bruno Henrique, Marcos Paulo, Hugo Souza (FLA); Geovane, Mendoza, Erick, Lucas Ribeiro, Richardson (CEA)
red cards:

CEARÁ: João Ricardo; Michel Macedo (Nino Paraíba), Gabriel Lacerda, Marcos Victor and Bruno Pacheco; Lucas Ribeiro (Victor Luis), Geovane (Richardson) and Erick (Yuri Castilho); Lima, Mendoza and Vina (Zé Roberto).
Technician: Dorival Junior

FLAMENCO: Hugo; Isla (Marcos Paulo), Pablo, David Luiz (David Luiz) and Ayrton Lucas (Matheuzinho), Willian Arão, João Gomes, Everton Ribeiro (Andreas Pereira), Arrascaeta, Bruno Henrique (Lázaro) and Gabigol. Technician: Paulo Sousa

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