Ceará beat Fortaleza 1-0 and left the relegation zone of Brasileirão

In the first Clássico-Rei of Série A in 2022, marked by confusion and field stops, it was better for Ceará, who won the confrontation against Fortaleza from 1 to 0 tonight on Wednesday, 1, at the Arena Castelão, with Cléber’s intent, in a delayed duel valid for the third round of the national competition. With the result, Grandpa rose to 15th position on the table and left the uncomfortable relegation zone. Tricolor, on the other hand, remained in a precarious position on the bottom, with just two points.

Alvinegro returned to the field on Saturday, the 4th, at 7 p.m., to face Coritiba, again at Castelão. Leão travels to Rio de Janeiro, where he will face Flamengo on Sunday, the 5th, at 4 p.m.

The match

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The first half between Fortaleza and Ceará can be divided into two chapters: before and after the 25 -minute game. Facing the beautiful party given by the two fans in the stands at Arena Castelão, the teams began the confrontation with measured postures, strong scoring and compact defensive lines, making the combat more physical than technical.

Within seven minutes, however, Leão’s fans lit flares on the stands, an artifact that was banned, and the match was immediately stopped by referee Bráulio because of smoke that had formed inside the field. After two minutes, the referee decided to continue the duel, but the ball only rolled for a few minutes which damaged the poor vision.

With almost five minutes without football, the match started again at 15 and, in the first bid, there was total confusion between the Alvinegro and Tricolor players, with shoves and stares. In the middle of the fight, the VAR recognized Felipe’s possible aggression towards Richard and asked the referee to analyze it at the video booth. After verification, Bráulio decided to remove the steering wheel at Fortaleza.

In 25 minutes of play, the ball was stopped 73% of the time. After this chaotic cut in the confrontation, the teams were finally able to establish themselves, albeit in a cut way, with a lot of mistakes and referee intervention. Leão, despite the numerical disadvantage, almost opened the scoring with Moisés with a beautiful individual move at 23, but the finish was close to the post.

Grandpa, with another player, controlled the game from the 30th minute, pushing the red-blue-and-white team into his defensive field. The superiority of the alvinegra turned out to be a series of good times to shake the nets with Erick, Cléber and Lima. Vina still scored, but the game was canceled due to offside.

With 61% possession of the ball, the pressure had an impact and, on the last move of the first period, when the clock ran out in the extra time of 10 minutes given by the referee, Ceará was able to take zero. to score. Cléber, after receiving a skilled pass from Vina, finished in the departure category of Marcelo Boeck, who scored his fourth goal in the Clássicos-Reis with a black-and-white shirt, becoming the top scorer in the confrontation between of today’s players. squad from the Porangabuçu team.

Returning to the break, the panorama of the first actions of the final period of the match remained the same at the end of the first half, with Ceará having control of the action and occupying the defensive field in Fortaleza, concentrating its forces on. quick transfer of Moisés. In one of these attempts, the Pici club almost matched the score with Silvio Romero, in the 12th minute, but the Argentine striker took it badly and missed out on a great opportunity.

Before being cornered, Fortaleza grew in the game from the 15th minute, which was equivalent to a game with Ceará and more insistent on the attacking field. Robson, who came in for Romero, and Moisés, who was shooting from outside the area, jeopardized João Ricardo’s goal, but no efficiency was needed to defeat the shooter.

Noticing the team’s good time, Vojvoda emphasized a change in tactical format: Romarinho replaced defender Ceballos, changing the 3-4-2 to 4-3-3. In offensive constructions, Leão started with a large number of games with Pikachu and Romarinho on the right side, and Capixaba and Moisés on the left, in addition to centralized Robson.

Ceará, strong defensively, began trying to manage the result without exposing himself unnecessarily. Despite the more cadence rhythm, Vovô was able to find spots on Leão’s defensive lines, but he was at fault for a lack of whimsy in the conclusions of the final pass or the finalization.

In the final 10 minutes of the game, Fortaleza launched the attack, without much organization, in search of a draw. Despite the tests, plenty of aerial balls, the red-blue-and-white team couldn’t beat the great performance of the alvinegro defenders. In the end, a very important win for Ceará, extending its unbeaten record against Leão in games valid for Serie A, climbed the leaderboard and gained confidence for the course of the tournament.

For Tricolor, a painful loss intensified, moreover, the poor scenario of the starting team in Brasileirão, with just two points to win in eight games, the only team in the event that has not yet won a a game.

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