Cear scored the goal at the end and drew at home with Coritiba for the Serie A

Ceara drew 1-1 with Coritiba on Saturday night, May 4, at Arena Castelão in a match that is valid for the ninth round of Serie A. After opening the scoring with Mendoza in the first half, Alvinegro was winning until the 40th minute of the second phase. , When Adrián Martinez took advantage of the defensive failure and saw the equalizer.

As a result, Ceará lost his second consecutive victory in the tournament and is 10 points clear of the standings, close to relegation, in 15th place. Dorival Junior’s team can still drop in the standings throughout the round.

Vovô’s next meeting will take place next Wednesday, the 8th of May, against Independêncian América-MG. Coritiba, on the other hand, will only play on Thursday, the 9th, when they receive the São Paulo Couto Pereira stadium.

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The game

The match between Ceará and Coritiba started without any excitement and creativity, and they attacked the pitch, but without finishing the goal.

Despite gaps on both sides, a cross from the back line found no teammates in the penalty area and both teams missed good chances.

Ceará came on for the first time in the 11th minute. Mendoza received a deep shot and went inside the area. The Colombian dominated the ball and received a foul and referee Flávio Rodrigues awarded a penalty, but the video referee ruled it out of play.

The first good chance of the match came from Coritiba in the 14th minute. Fabricio Daniel picked up a shot from the right. A well placed corner kick from João Ricardo was followed by ‘s hard but accurate header.

Ceará’s response came two minutes later. Mendoza removed the left-footed shot and centered Clébe inside the area. The striker headed firmly, but the ball went into the middle of the goal and was easily blocked by goalkeeper Alex Muralha.

After 20 minutes, a couple of quick and successful challenges followed by a shot from just outside the penalty area by FC might have resulted in another goal for FC.

And in the interceptions, Mendoza had the best character to score Cear’s goal in the match. After a short tussle with the defender, Bruno Pacheco finally tucked the ball home.

Better in the post-goal game, Ceará controlled Coritiba and almost extended it in the 47th minute. After picking up the ball from the right, Erick cut inside and crossed the area with danger and almost failed when Henry deflected it to the corner and the ball bounced close to Muralha’s posts.

In the second half, Ceará began to close the gap and prevent Coritiba from entering the big area, forcing Gustavo Morínigo’s team to reach from a long distance.

Entering the top goal, Ceará had a good chance in the third minute. Richard stole the ball from Coritiba’s defensive field and turned on Cléber. The striker had time to start one of his teammates, but he preferred to finish the goal and knock it out.

The long-distance shipping strategy has almost borne fruit for Coritiba. With 12 minutes played, a phenomenal play on the left side freed Igor Paixão, of FC, to dash through and score another goal for the visitors. The ball landed at the feet of João Ricardo, who was completely unmarked in the box.

Ceará didn’t have much to answer for and he almost extended it with Matheus Peixoto in the 16th minute. After a short tussle with the defender, Fernando Sobral finally tucked the ball home. white shirt …

And once again with Nino Paraiba, it was Mendoza’s turn to almost expand to Cearara. In another cross from the right, the ball passed through the defense and ended with a strong right foot for the Colombian, but Alex Muralha saved it again.

Even with the lead, Vovô did not give up on the attack and continued to interfere with Coritiba, naturally creating space to explore the opponent and was open from the last 20 minutes of the additional match.

The advantage, however, lasted only until the 40th minute. After a short tussle with the defender, Ceará finally tucked the ball home. The Cox striker was counting on the slip of the Messiah to face João Ricardo and tie the game.

With the equalizer, Ceará launched an attack in search of a result. The strategy, however, almost affected Coritiba’s turn. On the counterattack, Alef Manga picked up the ball from the left, cleared the ball and headed it wide, but Messias almost headed over the bar and avoided a goal that would have saved Alvinegra from defeat.

Fact sheet – Ceará vs Coritiba

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4-3-3: João Ricardo; Michel Macedo (Nino Paraíba), Messias, Gabriel Lacerda and Bruno Pacheco (Victor Luís); Lindoso, Richard Coelho (João Victor) and Vina; Erick (Fernando Sobral), Mendoza and Cléber (Matheus Peixoto). Coach: Dorival Junior.


4-3-3: Alex Muralha; Nathan Mendes (Natanael), Henrique, Luciano Castán and Guilherme Biro; Willian Farias (Val), Bernardo (Robinho) and Thonny Anderson (Clayton); Igor Paixão, Fabricio Daniel (Alef Manga) and Adrián Martínez. Coach: Gustavo Morínigo.

Place: Arena Castelão, Fortalezan (CE)
Data: 2022/04/06
Time: 19:00 Brasilia time
Referee: Flávio Rodrigues de Souza-SP (FIFA)
assistants: Daniel Paulo Ziolli-SP and Gustavo Rodrigues de Oliveira-SP
VAR: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinheiro
cards yellow: Rodrigo Lindoso (CSC); Nathan, William Farias and Bernardo (CFC)
goals: Mendoza (1 ° / 36 ‘) and Adrián Martínez (2 ° / 39’)

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