CBLOL 2022: Tayk wants to close the Flamenco cycle “in the best way possible” lol

In his farewell to the Flamenco Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL), Rodrigo “Tay” wants the team in this 2nd Split of CBLOL 2022, and for that he entered the last stretch of the transfer window, giving Rubro-Negro the best final cycle. possible. The player from LOUD and the player who returned to the first position after playing as the last CBLOL hunter believes that the team is in a position to get a good result and, with uncertainty for next season, can focus on 100. % in this edition.

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Tay, professional League of Legends player – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

In this 2nd Split of CBLOL 2022, the team will play under the name Flamengo Los Grandes, because Los Grandes, one of the most popular sports organizations in Brazil, is buying Simplicity, the company that manages the Flamengo eSports division. Next season, Los Grandes will take over the full management and only appoint the team.

– It is an opportunity for us to close a cycle, not only for ourselves, but also for the organization and the fans, in a good way. We have this mindset that we will probably only play this division together, we don’t know what will happen in the future, so we are quite ready to give our best and sacrifice ourselves to close this team. possible, ”Tayk said in an interview with Ge.

– I don’t know much about the rest of the players, but I think that having a lot of uncertainty about next year takes away a lot of weight, a concern. We know that what matters is the tournament itself, and after that, regardless of whether we win in 2nd, 4th or 5th place or whether we stay, no one is sure what will happen. For us, at least for me, it’s been good to focus only on the game, only on the tournament itself.

Tay will join another CBLOL, who will start this Saturday, June 11, having to prove himself again, after the LOUD mediator championships, where he played three editions – the first two at the top and the last as a hunter. It’s a recurring situation for the player, despite the playoffs, the finals and two Brazilian titles, which the community has repeatedly criticized.

When he was released from LOUD, Tay announced in a Twitter post that he was ready to receive proposals, but noted that there was a possibility that the transfer window was in the final stages of not being new. group. Flamenco appeared after losing to Felipe Canal “Red Canids” against Kalung, and joined.

– I was already accepting that I would not play in this division, I was already planning what I would do in this stoppage, that I would not be so out of competition. It was a surprise for me and I was very happy. It was something very fast, they said what the lineup would be like, I was going to play on top and stuff like that, I asked for time to think. It was a one-day affair. And the team was formed – the player recalled.

– When I accepted Flamingo’s proposal, it was one more idea to take advantage of this opportunity, to be able to show my game, because, whether I wanted to or not, I would be stuck for a long time if I didn’t play. , it would be harmful, as it is for any football career.any player. Throughout my career there have always been moments when people questioned me a lot, even though I have already won the CBLOL twice. For me at least, individually, I can prove to everyone, that any team, not just here, that I can play well and that I am at a high level.

The best phases of Tay, in fact, in the CBLOL 2019 Split 1st and 2020 CBLOL 2nd Split titles, INTZ, were playing at the top – in a position where the athlete feels more confident. He was already thinking about returning to the top, even before he received Flamingo’s offer.

“I think I’m pretty good at the top. Not to mention that the top team, here in Brazil, doesn’t have many players, it’s a rather poor position. The Brazilian people like to play as a midfielder, shooter, etc., and in the top left. It was something I already had in mind, even more so after I left LOUD. I always thought I could get back to the top because it’s the position I’ve achieved the most and done the best. It was impossible not to think about it.

“It’s not just a matter of comfort, it’s a matter of trust. Because I have already won that position, I know that I have the ability to get there. Having already arrived twice, I am clear that I can get there again. It’s the position that gives me the most confidence.

Versatile, the knowledge of all the careers and the fact that he has played in different positions helps Tayk a lot, although he admits that, in the opinion of the public, this may be a lack of identity.

– It has two points: positive and negative. On the downside, outsiders see it in a bad light, as if I had no particular identity. Not playing in all positions means that you are very good, maybe people see you as average in everything. But for me, it’s a positive point because I think I understand, at least the basics, all the attitudes. Within the game I know more or less what each role needs. Understanding the basics of what everyone should do in the game gives me a better idea of ​​what I need to do to win the game.

At the top again, Tay says that although he has to prove it to the audience once again, he is happy with his story. He thinks he doesn’t have to prove anything to himself, but he doesn’t hide his desire to get back on the podium.

“It simply came to our notice then [splits]I didn’t do well in the results. We fell in both quarterfinals and in the end we didn’t even make the playoffs, so that feeling is a little bad. In 2019 and 2020, I was in three of the four finals, so it’s a feeling I want to keep going again, that I want to get back on track.

He believes that with the current Flamenco team Los Grandes, it is possible to reach the top positions. In addition to assisting midfielder Arthur “Tutsz”, shooter Luiz Felipe “Flare” and Won-yeong “Kuri”, the team hired Tay and Seung-ho “Geum go” hunters.

– I think the actor we have completed is very strong. It’s been a very new experience for me because I’ve never played with two Koreans. They bring a very different perspective to the game than I am accustomed to. In the short time we’ve been training, I think for ten days, I’m having a lot of fun. I think we can get pretty far, but it’s too early to look at that. We have to work from game to game, because not all the teams that have been champions lately have ever started a tournament, being the best team. So the whole process of getting good results is slow. We have to keep playing, improving, training, playing on the weekend and, if all goes well, we will succeed.

Aware of the demands of flamenco fans, who are not at all happy with the management of Simplicity and the departure of the club from CBLOL, Tayk believes that the best way to deal with this is to give good results, as expected in all major esports organizations. . For passionate, and sometimes very critical, red-and-black people, the player promises maximum dedication to a decent farewell.

– It’s a kind of goodbye division, and I got this chance in the 45th minute of the second half. Personally, I am very excited. Everyone here will do their best, because everyone wants to make a good division and finish the cycle as well as possible. Let’s look for sure. That’s what fans can expect from us. Only our maximum!

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