5 actions that slow down your computer but you had no idea Operating systems

Frequent actions by computer users consume processor and memory resources and thus help slow down the computer. Adding too many programs, too many customizations, and running applications in the background are some examples of practices that can distort the user experience. The good news is that solving these problems is easy: by applying some settings, … Read more

Tube TV earns nostalgic fans and is worth BRL 4,000

It currently involves researching features such as buying a TV, such as resolution (higher and more logical), Internet access (for using streaming applications), number of HDMI connections, screen size and, of course, price. For some consumers, however, modern television with all these features is not capable of delivering something completely transient: nostalgia. For about two … Read more

Street Fighter 6 will arrive on PS4 and PS5 in 2023; gameplay, characters, commentators and more

Facebook twitter Whatsapp The text below has been published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog. Appearing in today’s State of Play, Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023. Experience a new era of Street Fighter with elegant mechanics to showcase your creativity, lively characters and new ways to re-imagine the fighting game experience. Street Fighter is … Read more

HyperX phone: 4 well-known brands

THE HyperX it’s a brand of gaming peripherals, and it tries to serve players who know that accessories make a difference in how they play the game. In player’s phone for mice and keyboards, everything is designed to improve the quality and experience of those who take gaming seriously. The popularity of headphones is mainly … Read more