Discover the most visited places on Google Maps; Brazil is on the list maps and location

Google on Tuesday (24) announced the most visited countries, cities and tourist attractions by users around the world on Google Maps. The list was released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the StreetView feature, which allows you to check out panoramic views of different regions of the world. Brazil has taken the lead in some … Read more

A return to America on Amazon

An essential component of Amazon’s success is the boom in Chinese-based businesses that sell products through its extensive digital hub. But starting more than a year ago, Chinese businesses are constantly selling a smaller portion of the things Americans buy on Amazon. It is a growing number of US-based traders. Experts told me that they … Read more

How companies are trying to bring smells to the metaverse

Imagine watching a movie and smelling what’s happening on the other side of the screen? This is what companies are developing in the metaverse, immersing themselves in virtual environments. This area of ​​innovation is called OVR, a summary of virtual reality reality technology. Company OVR Technologycreated with the aim of making this a reality, it … Read more

PlayStation publishes a guide for the new PS Plus; read all information

Facebook twitter Whatsapp The text below has been published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog. The new PlayStation Plus will be released today, starting in Asia, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer this service that will bring even more great games to players. Let’s get started. What’s new in PlayStation Plus? We’ve merged PlayStation Plus … Read more

Hubble has confirmed the mystery of the rate of expansion of the universe

space Editor of the Technological Innovation Website – 05/23/2022 The group studied 42 galaxies with Cepheid variables and supernovae to determine astronomical distances and thus calculate how the universe is expanding, two key celestial phenomena. [Imagem: Adam G. Riess et al. (2022)] Difference in the expansion of the Universe Collecting data from Hubble Space Telescope’s 30-year … Read more

Intrusion alert: 6 signs that your social media has been hacked Security

Hacker attacks and invasions are becoming more common on social networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. That’s why it’s so important to maintain digital security and know how to identify intrusion attempts. Sudden password changes, unusual messages, such as advertisements for sales products, and sending money to friends are some of the most common … Read more