The Brazilian, who led Metaverse Fashion Week, talks about the backstage of the project in the virtual world

Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, producer and curator of the show, spoke about the background to the project and the possibilities for the concept, as well as the intersection between metaverse and Web3. Decentraland, a platform that allows players to interact, create, sell and buy objects using Mana cryptocurrency, starred in a virtual fashion show in March … Read more

Metaverse isn’t just about winning games and is already moving millions in Brazil

It is not news to anyone that Metabertso is one of the major trends in technology in 2022. The immersive virtual environment is a reality that is gradually gaining ground in the world of technological innovation. International giants like Facebook, Nvidia and Nike are already betting on this market for 3D avatars through digital platform … Read more

What to see, do and hear: Amy Ray, “Metaverse,” Atlanta Ballet, and more

ART + DESIGN Photographer Author: Julie Blackmon The work mixes pop phenomena, consumer culture, social satire, and sometimes the confusing home and everyday life. Your exposure Jackson Fine Arts take the title of your photo metaverse, It depicts a vivid domestic scene unfolding around a child wearing a virtual reality headset. Blackmon will be at … Read more

Meet the Brazilian who led Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland

Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro: “Decentraland is a virtual world of decentralized blockchain and governed by its users” It was launched in February 2020 as a platform for players to interact, create, sell and buy. cryptocurrency sister, du decentralized and starred in Metaverse Fashion Week in March of this year, a virtual fashion show that brought together … Read more

It’s now called Facebook Meta: a company that includes the full metabre of VR and real-world experiences – the Internet

Formerly known as Oculus Connect, now known as Facebook Connect, the annual event showcases the latest news from Mark Zuckerberg’s company in terms of virtual reality equipment and services. This year’s edition has increased interest, primarily due to the negative environment surrounding Facebook Papers, documents that show errors in content moderation, and the company’s practices … Read more

The metaverse is another shoe kick – the Observer

As a subscriber, you have free access to all of the Observer’s articles. Mr. Zuckerberg’s astonishing predictions are not new. Occasionally another appears, with results reminiscent of the allegory of the mountain that gave birth to the mouse. It happened with Facebook Places, Facebook Deals, Messenger Pay, Libra, Diem, WhatsApp Pay, and Facebook Pay, to … Read more