Discover the 5 NFT games that can provide monthly income of R $ 10,000 per month without experience

You NFT games (Non-Fungible Tokens) is becoming a hit on the Internet and in the world of “players” in a virtual model called “Playing Titles Through Blockchain”.play-win”(Play to win, free translation). taken as source of income Many people in the pandemic, especially underdeveloped countries due to the high unemployment rate, shifted the economy and shook … Read more

BlockAsset Legends: Discover the powerful NFT project

Hello investors! Have you heard of the BlockAsset Legends project? It’s a high-potential NFT project, and we’ll talk about that in today’s article. To facilitate understanding of the topic, I have divided the article into the following topics: What is BlockAsset Legends? Community growth and commitment Develop experience with athletes Conclusion Good reading! What is … Read more

Cryptocurrency market does not affect NFTs that continue to ‘pop’, research points out

A study by Chainalysis and shared with Cointelegraph has revealed that NFT’s investment continues to “bombard” the cryptocurrency market. According to the material, last year Collectors have sent more than $ 40 billion to smart contracts related to NFT cryptocurrency collections and markets. This year, however, another $ 30 billion cryptocurrency has been sent to … Read more