Casares opens the match, finance, talks about SAF and Tricolor gives ‘deadline’ to win titles again

Outreach / Sao Paulo. In the middle of his term as president, Julio Casares examines the reconstruction of São Paulo

Julio Casares took over São Paulo in 2021 and has completed half of his three-year term with the mission of organizing the Club’s finances. With a debt of more than 700 million reais, Tricolor was going through hard times in the nine-year fast of titles, and is trying to rebuild himself to return to the old struggle known to São Paulo fans.

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In an interview with the Grande Círculo program, the director spoke on Sportv, São Paulo’s politics, player signings and sales, his work on solving Tricolo’s financial problems and the possibility of turning São Paulo into a Sociedad Anónima do Futebol. , considered by many fans to be the ‘solution’ to the Club’s moment.

“It could exist. In fact, the current São Paulo Statute contains an article that says that if there is a corporate change in the law that allows for restructuring, it must submit an examination. As soon as the law is passed in September,” he said. established in October last year, I set up a class and hired a consultant, ”he began.

“I will not discuss today’s SAFs, they are born with different needs or strategies, but tomorrow’s São Paulo, if one day the organization moves in this direction, that is, the collective decision of the organization, there is an assessment, value I can not say” ah, São Paulo 500 thousand R It costs $ R $ 1 million. Of a SAF.

However, there are no plans to open soon. “São Paulo has debts, it’s organizing. I can’t sell my shares low, I can look for partners when I’m in better financial health. And this advice will show that. the goods I don’t need … São Paulo has a very good prospect if they continue to do their homework, which is to balance the competitive team, and that’s expensive, ”he said. clarify.

São Paulo fans will be able to see the club win the title of statement, the president said the way is open. “When he understands this type of reconstruction, he has to understand that the work is 50% or 60% complete and that he can make that projection. And we will provide this tool when this is finished,” he stressed.

“I will make a statement: São Paulo did not win the classics for various reasons, now it has won the classics again. It doesn’t seem like it, but the feeling of the fans is important. “He looks back, he walks, he looks back and he starts to see. We are taking steps every year,” he concluded.

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