Casares opened the game, talked about finance, SAF and gave a ‘deadline’ for Tricolor to win the titles again

Disclosure/Sao Paulo. In the middle of his term as president, Julio Casares analyzed the work of rebuilding São Paulo

Julio Casares took over São Paulo in 2021 and is already halfway through his three-year term, with the mission of organizing the Club’s finances. With more than 700 million reais in debt, Tricolor has gone through difficult times in a nine-year fast on titles, and is trying to rebuild itself to get back to the old battle known to fans in São Paulo.

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In an interview on the Grande Círculo program, on the Sportv channel, the director talked about São Paulo’s policy, signing and selling players, the work to resolve Tricolor’s financial issue and the possibility of making São Paulo which is a Sociedad Anónima do Futebol, seen by many fans as the ‘solution’ for the Club moment.

“It may already exist. In fact, now the São Paulo statute has an article that says that if there are laws that allow for a corporate change, on restructuring, it should present a study. When that the law came out in September, was implemented in October last year, I formed a study group and hired a consultancy ”, he began to explain.

“I’m not talking about SAFs today, they were born with different needs or strategies, but São Paulo tomorrow, if one day the institution acts on this side, which is a collective decision of the institution, there will be an appreciation , the amount. when I can’t say “ah, São Paulo is worth R $ 500 thousand, R $ 1 million …” We have to have a technical study for São Paulo to get into a technical ventilation field ”, concluded the leader in the creation of an SAF.

However, there is no forecast to open anytime soon. “São Paulo has debts, it’s organizing. I can’t sell my shares below, I can find partners if I have more financial health. And this consultancy will show that. If in a year and half, two years, we have this composition of a competitive team, the assets I do not have to say … São Paulo has a very good outlook if they continue to do their homework, which is to balance a competitive group, which is expensive ”, he clarified.

As for when São Paulo fans will see the club winning the expression titles, the president said the track is already paved. “If he understands this kind of rebuilding, he has to understand that the work is 50% or 60% complete and he can do this projection. And we will give it this instrument at the end of the work”, he pointed out.

“I’ll make a statement: São Paulo for various reasons didn’t win the classics, now they’ve won the classics again. It doesn’t seem like it, but the fan feeling is important. You can see that the change in behavior What happens, a stronger team, that fights harder.These are the examples that remain.He turns back, walks, turns back and he starts to look.Every year there are steps that we take. get up ”, he concluded.

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