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The 12th round matches are open Various chances to win at Cartola Express. As the match between Juventude and Santos is not valid for the match, today you have until 18:59 to register and choose your team. Thinking about it, our ambassadors João Vithor and Carol Bernardi brought you valuable tips to get a high score and earn that money!

In each round, two of our influencers, super experts in the game and its new strategies, will bring tips on the mechanics of Express, aimed at helping you win cash prizes!

Tips from Ambassadors João Vithor and Carol Bernardi – Round # 12 Cartola Express – Photo: Computer Graphics

+ “Price” issues are new in Round 12
+ Fernando Sák wins the 11th round of the Brazilian League on the Cartola Express

João Vithori, “JV”, was given the task of scaling three defenders: the goalkeeper, the defender and one side. Carol Bernardi, on the other hand, indicated a name for the midfield, an attack and a bonus point look at previous game exchanges and differentiate your team.

Tip 1 – Weverton (goalkeeper palms) – John Victor

The goalkeeper of Seleção and Palmeiras is a good opportunity for the round The defense system of the tournament leaders has been relegated to SG in the last 6 matches. Playing at home on this 12th day may keep that balance.

Part 2 16 min. – Weverton do Palmeiras’ difficult defense against Coritiba

Tip 2 – Léo Ortiz (defender Bragantino) – John Victor

Bragantino plays at home against Coritiba and defending defender Léo Ortiz is a good starter. with an average of 6.64 points, has 10 receptions in the competition and he can guarantee a small goal because he always does very well in dead ball games.

See Léo Ortiz's goal and Bragantino's offers

See Léo Ortiz’s goal and Bragantino’s offers

Tip 3 – Piquerez (side palms) – John Victor

In addition to the great chance of securing SG, the side can also offer you other scores. There are already 17 tackles and 1 assist in the current edition of Brasileirão. If the good performance of the player is repeated in addition to SG, Piquerez can give a great score to the player.

Part 2 28 min.  Joaquín Piquerez do Palmeiras's direct goal against Coritiba

Part 2 28 min. Joaquín Piquerez do Palmeiras’s direct goal against Coritiba

Tip 4 – Gustavo Scarpa (midfielder palms) – Carol

Due to a severely mistimed tackle, Gustavo Scarpa of FC spent some time on the grass writhing in agony before he could get up and continue the game. On the 11th day, even without goals and assists, he scored more than 6 points. Palmeiras is a favorite, so it combines hunger and the urge to eat!

In the 17th minute of the 1st half - Gustavo Scarpa do Palmeiras scored from inside the box against Botafogo.

In the 17th minute of the 1st half – Gustavo Scarpa do Palmeiras scored from inside the box against Botafogo.

Tip 5 – Pedro Raul (striker Goiás) – Carol

My indicator in the attack is Pedro Raul do Goiás. At home, Goiano Alvarez always leaves a few goals and most of the time he leaves his feet, which is that Central striker with a capital C! It ends up leaving the list of the most climbed medallions and it’s a great bet for the round!

Part 2 39 min.  Pedro Raul do Goiás penalty against Cear

Part 2 39 min. Pedro Raul do Goiás penalty against Cear

Bonus Tip – Striker Eduardo Sasha Atletico-MG) – Carol

As with Express, you can change your team one minute before the market closes. Eduardo Sashari is having a great game – if anything the pouring rain seemed to be spurring him on!

8th minute - Eduardo Sasha's Atletico-MG header against Fluminense.

8th minute – Eduardo Sasha’s Atletico-MG header against Fluminense.

Check out the valid round 12 games:

19:00 – Ceará vs Atletico MG
19:00 – Bragantino vs Coritiba
20:30 – Goiás X International
20:30 – Flamengo X Cuiabá
21:30 – Athletico-PR X Corinthians
21:30 – América-MG X Fluminense

16:00 – Botafogo vs São Paulo
6pm – Palmeiras vs Atletico-GO
19:00 – Avai vs Fortaleza

The match is not valid for the 12th matchday: Juventude x Santos – Tuesday (06/14), at 21:30.

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