Cartola 2022: Zé Rafael and Kanu have lost the 13th round; see suspended, injured and likely | topper

We already know that they are all full of great scores. So let’s keep it a good phase and do it well again # 13. round. The idea here is to surround yourself with the main information for weekend games. This basic reading is suspended, injured, and likely to find out which lineup is most likely. It is worth noting that the fair will close later this Saturday at 6:30 pm (Brazilian time).

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With the level of football he has maintained with his leaders and opponents, Palmeiras will not be one of the pillars of his team in Monday’s classic against São Paulo. Midfielder Zé Rafael is suspended and is out of Choque-Rei, Morumbin. Botafogo has visited Internacional without counting on the starting defensive pair. Kanu and Victor Cuesta are suspended and Alvinegro is lost in Beira-Rio.

Zé Rafael concedes a goal and receives a card in his last match, his birthday – Photo: César Greco

The 13th round fair is open this Saturday (18) until 6:30 pm (Brazilian time). Click here and grow your team!

Here are the injured and possible teams who were penalized on the 13th day:

Suspended: Alê
Injured: Everaldo, Iago Maidana, Índio Ramírez, Jori, Matheusinho and Matheus Cavichioli
Likely team: Jailson; Cáceres, Éder, Conti and Marlon; Lucas Kal, Juninho and Felipe Azevedo; Gustavinho (Paulinho Boia), Pedrinho and Aloísio

Punished: Abner and Hugo Moura
Injured: Canobbio, Christian, Julimar, Kawan, Marlos, Reinaldo and Thiago Heleno
Likely group: Bento; Khellven, Pedro Henrique, Nico Hernández and Pedrinho; Erick (Léo Cittadini), Matheus Fernandes and David Terans; Cuello, Marcelo Cirino and Pablo.

Suspended: Arthur Henrique
Injured: None
Likely team: Ronaldo; Hayner (Dudu), Edson, Ramon and Jefferson; Baralhas, Marlon Freitas and Jorginho; Wellington Rato, Churin and Luiz Fernando

Interrupted: none
Injured: None
Likely team: Everson; Mariano, Nathan Silva, Alonso and Arana; Allan, Jair and Nacho; Vargas (Ademir), Keno and Hulk.

Interrupted: none
Injured: Adiel, Jean Pyerre
Likely team: Vladimir; Kevin, Bressan, Arthur and Cortez; Raniele, Eduardo and Bruno Silva; Pottker, Muriqui and Bissoli.

Punished: Kanu and Victor Cuesta
Injured: Carlinhos, Gustavo Sauer, Luis Oyama
Likely group: Gatito Fernández; Saravia, Sampaio, Carli and Hugo; Kayque, Patrick de Paula and Lucas Piazon; Victor Sá, Vinícius Lopes and Erison

Kanu and Cuesta do not face the International – Photo: Marcos Ribolli / ge

Suspended: Jadsom
Injured: Emi Martínez
Likely group: Cleiton; Aderlan, Kevin, Nathan and Luan Cândido; Raul, Lucas Evangelista and Hyoran; Artur, Helinho and Jan Hurtado

Suspended: Richard Coelho
Injured: Dentinho, Lima and Mendoza
Likely team: João Ricardo, Nino Paraíba, Messias, Luiz Otávio, Bruno Pacheco; Richardson, Fernando Sobral, Lindoso; Vina, Eric and Cleber

Ceará’s top scorer, Mendoza, doesn’t face Cuiabá – Photo: Fausto Filho / Ceará

Suspended: Ron
Injured: Maycon, Paulinho
Likely group: Cássio, Fagner (Rafael Ramos), Gil (Robson Bambu), Raúl Gustavo and Fábio Santos; Cantillo, Du Queiroz and Renato Augusto; Mantuan (Adson), Róger Guedes and Willian.

Interrupted: none
Injured: Andrey, Léo Gamalho, Matheus Alexandre, Robinho and Willian Farias
Likely team: Alex Muralha; Nathanael, Henrique, Luciano Castán and Guilherme Biro; Bernardo, Matías Galarza and Thonny Anderson; Igor Paixão, Adrian Martínez and Alef Manga.

Interrupted: none
Injured: None
Likely team: Walter; João Lucas, Marllon, Paulão and Uendel; Camilo, Rafael Gava and Rodriguinho; André Luís, Felipe Marques and André.

Interrupted: none
Injured: Bruno Henrique and David Luiz
Likely team: Diego Alves, Matheuzinho, Rodrigo Caio, Pablo and Ayrton Lucas; João Gomes, Andreas Pereira, Everton Ribeiro and Arrascaeta; Vitinho and Gabriel

Interrupted: none
Injured: Luan Freitas
Likely group: Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Manoel (David Braz) and Caio Paulista (Pineida); Wellington, André and Goose; Luiz Henrique, Arias and Cano.

Suspended: Robson
Injured: Matheus Vargas and Tinga
Likely team: Marcelo Boeck, Landazuri, Marcelo Benevenuto and Titi (Ceballos); Yago Pikachu, Felipe, Zé Welison, Lucas Lima and Capixaba; Moses and Silvio Romero

Stop, Robson Doesn’t Face America – Photo: Lucas Emanuel / AGIF

Punished: Matheus Sales and Reynaldo
Injured: Hugo, Juan Pablo, Luiz Felipe, Matheusinho and Sidimar
Likely group: Thaddeus; Maginho, Da Silva, Yan Souto and Danilo Barcelos; Caio Vinícius, Fellipe Bastos, Diego and Elvis; Vinicius and Pedro Raul.

Interrupted: none
Injured: Rene and Boschilia
Likely team: Daniel; Bustos, Vitão, Mercado and Moisés; Gabriel, Edenilson, De Pena and Alan Patrick; David and Wanderson

Punished: Yuri Lima
Injured: Kelvi and Vitor Mendes
Likely group: Caesar; Rodrigo Soares, Thalisson, Rafael Forster and William Matheus; Jean Irmer, Jadson, Darlan, Capixaba and Chico; Ricardo Bueno.

Suspended: Rafael
Injured: Jaílson and Raphael Veiga
Likely team: Weverton; Gustavo Gómez, Luan, Murilo and Piquerez; Danilo, Gabriel Menino and Gustavo Scarpa; Dudu, Gabriel Veron and Ron.

Suspended: Auro
Injured: Carlos Sanchez, Madson, Maicon and Kevin Malthus
Likely team: João Paulo; Lucas Braga, Kaiky, Eduardo Bauermann and Lucas Pires; Rodrigo Fernández, Vinícius Zanocelo and Sandry (Bruno Oliveira); Léo Baptistão, Jhojan Julio and Marcos Leonardo.

Maicon Santos injured – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

Interrupted: none
Injured: Caio, Gabriel Sara, Luan, Nikão, Talles Costa
Likely team: Jandrei, Diego Costa, Arboleda and Léo; Rafinha, Pablo Maia (Patrick), Rodrigo Nestor, Igor Gomes and Reinaldo (Welington); Luciano (Eder) and Calleri.

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