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group of Bitso economic advice He remains in the 40-point and 128-card range. On the one hand, if there is no positive drop in equity, on the other hand, the aim is to surpass the highest score obtained in the current edition of Cartola: 63.14, in the 2nd round. For such The bet is on the defense of Athletico-PR, one of the best in the game, and on the stars of Palmeiras in midfield and attack.

Bitso, a cryptocurrency platform, is the new sponsor of Cartola and will represent the players with the greatest potential for appreciation in each round.

Together, the two teams have named six names. The hurricane makes up the majority with the goalkeeper bentodefender Pedro Henriquesock terrans and technician Luiz Felipe Scolari. It is represented by Verdão Gustavo Scarpa and Dudu.

Full scaling Bitso economic advice For round 9 costs C $ 100.91.

See other candidates:

  • Matheuzinho (Flemish side)
  • Raul Gustavo (Corinthians Advocate)
  • René (International difference)
  • Elvis (Goias midfielder)
  • Bissoli (Avaí striker)
  • tutua (Fluminense striker)


Bitso Economic Tips # 9 Headlines – Photo: Reproduction

If there is a change in the top lineup, this article will be updated until Saturday with this information.


Bitso Economic Advice Reservations # 9 – Photo: Reproduction

group of Bitso economic advice he filled the bench with players with good chances of recovery.

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All of the player search engines below are exclusive to Cartola 2022.

Matheuzinho (flamenco difference) – C $ 6.77

Matheuzinho, Flamenco – Photo: Marcelo Cortes / Flamenco / Advertising

He played as a home team in the game:

  • Score of 16.40
  • He conquered SG
  • He gave one assist and made six innings
  • Fortaleza is the fourth highest scoring point for defenders: 42.40

Opponent: Fortaleza, Maracanãn

Gustavo Scarpa (Palmeiras midfielder) – C $ 9.65

Gustavo Scarpa, from Palmeiras – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

In three home games:

  • An average of 7.20
  • Received two assists and five fouls
  • Four entries and seven submissions

Opponent: Atletico-MG, Allianz Park

Cano (Fluminense striker) – C $ 12.84

Cano, from Fluminense – Photo: André Durão / ge

As a visitor in four games:

  • A goal
  • three other submissions
  • Juventude is the fourth home team to give the most points to the strikers: 61.90

Opponent: Youth, Alfredo Jaconi

Dudu (Palmeiras striker) – C $ 11.66

Dudu, from Palmeiras – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

In four games as a home team:

  • An average of 6.95 points per game
  • Two goals and eight more shots
  • Eight fouls received

Opponent: Atletico-MG, Allianz Park

Elvis (Goias midfielder) – C $ 7.63

Elvis, Goiáskoa – Photo: Heber Gomes / AGIF

As a visitor in four games:

  • two goals
  • Three fouls received
  • three disarmament
  • Botafogo is the third home team with the most points: 71.80

Opponent: Botafogo, Nilton Santos

Bento (Athletico-PR goalkeeper) – C $ 7.58

Bento, Athletic – Photo: Athletico

In four games as a home team:

  • There are 12 defenses
  • Bi SG
  • Santos scored just one goal in three games as a visitor

Opponent: Santos, Arena da Baixadan

Renê (International) – C $ 7.02

Renê, Inter – Photo: Ricardo Duarte / Disclosure, Internacional

In two away games:

  • An average of 6.10 points per game
  • An SG (Bragantino scored only one goal in the last two games as a home team)
  • seven unarmed

Opponent: Bragantino, Nabi Abi Chediden

Raul Gustavo (Corinthians defender) – C $ 7.69

Raul Gustavo, Corinthians – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag. Corinthians

As a visitor in four games:

  • An average of 6.60 points per game
  • An SG
  • A goal
  • Five fouls and 11 rebounds

Opponent: Atletico-GO, Antônio Acciolyn

Pedro Henrique (Athletico-PR defender) – C $ 7.48

Pedro Henrique, Athletico-PR – Photo: Staff Images / Conmebol

In four games as a home team:

  • Bi SG
  • Three fouls received
  • seven unarmed
  • Santos is the fourth highest scoring point for the defenders: 44.10

Opponent: Santos, Arena da Baixadan

Terans (Athletico-PR midfielder) – C $ 8.36

Terans, Athletico-PR – Photo: Robson Mafra / AGIF

In four games as a home team:

  • An average of 8.20
  • three goals
  • five unarmed
  • Eight shots, one on the beam

Opponent: Santos, Arena da Baixadan

Bissoli (striker Avaí) – C $ 6.46

Bissoli, Avaíkoa – Photo: Frederico Tadeu / Avaí FC

In four games as a home team:

  • An average of 7.30 points per game
  • Three more goals and four more shots
  • Five fouls received

Opponent: São Paulo, Ressacadan

Luiz Felipe Scolari (Athletic-PR coach) – C $ 7.77

Luiz Felipe Scolari, Athletico-PR – Photo: José Tramontin / Athletico

In the last six rounds of the card:

  • Athletico-PR has the fourth best average: 53.38
  • He has the fifth-best home defense average of 14.13
  • Counting all the rounds, Hurricane has the fourth best defense in the game: 73.60

Opponent: Santos, Arena da Baixadan

Saturday, 06/04
América-MG vs Cuiabá
Ceará vs Coritiba
Avai vs Sao Paulo
Atletico PR vs Santos
Atletico-GO x Corinthians

Sunday, 05/06
Youth vs Fluminense
Flamengo vs Fortaleza
Palmeiras vs Atletico MG
Bragantino x International

Monday, 06/06
Botafogo vs Goiás

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