Cartola 2022: Chico, from Juventude, pulls the line of surprises from Betfair selection in round #8 | round selection

After three rounds with many ranked players doing well, we returned on a journey of surprises, starting with the highest scorer. boyin Youth, increased only 3,600 timesdone 15.40 and headed to Befair selection #8which remains in 4-3-3, scoring 144.16 points and from midfield to back is full of lesser known names.

+ Gómez became the best defender in Cartola 2022, and Palmeiras was the team with the most SGs

Betfair selection in round #8 – Photo: Infoesporte

Only in the attack do we have the presence of the darlings of the cardholders. Hulkfrom Atlético-MG, made 12.40while Callerifrom São Paulo, obtained 12.70. Igor Passion, from Coritiba, is also well scaled. On this journey, he brightened the lives of 184,000 cardholders 13.40closing the front trio of the ideal team.

Other members are:

  • Marcelo Lomba (Palmeiras goal keeper): 9.50
  • Matheus Alexandre (Coritiba side): 13.20
  • Abner Vinícius (Athletico-PR side): 13.20
  • Gustavo Gomez (Palmeiras’ defender): 13.90
  • Arthur Chaves (Avaí tigdepensa): 6.20
  • Rubens (Atletico-MG midfielder): 12.60
  • Andreas Pereira (Flamengo midfielder): 13.80
  • Gustavo Morínigo (Coritiba technician): 7.86

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Of course it happens …

Lances de Chico, from Juventude, top scorer in Round #8 of Cartola

Until then, half boy showed an irregularity in Cartola 2022. His highest score was 5.10 in round #5. The great performance today, with eight tackles and one assist, overall 15.40 points, pointing to the possibility that the Juventude player is looking for the best scores in the current edition of the game.

Boy (Youth)

scouts Spots
8 Disarmahan 9.60
1 Help 5.00
2 shots were saved 2.40
3 absentees were injured 1.50
3 fouls were committed -0.90
1 yellow card -1.00
12 incomplete passes -1.20
TOTAL 15.40


Igor Paixão celebrates with his teammates with a goal against Botafogo – Photo: Felipe Dalke/Coritiba

or coritiba is the highest scoring team in round #8, with 94.39. Its highlights are:

  • [ATA] Igor Passion (13:40)
  • [LAT] Matheus Alexandre (13.20)
  • [ATA] Fabricio (9.10)
  • [ATA] Leo Gamalho (8.20)
  • [TEC] Gustavo Morínigo (7.86)
  • [GOL] Alex Muralha (7.00)

Gustavo Scarpa, from Palmeiras, in the classic against Santos – Photo: Cesar Greco / Ag. palms

Near … With the help of Gustavo Gómez’s goal in the derby against Santos, Gustavo Scarpa joined the group of players who led this scout in Cartola 2022, as well as Nacho Fernández, who gave a pass to Sasha against Avaí. They had three assists, as did Raphael Veiga and Arrascaeta.

And talking about Raphael Veiga …

Stopped the ass … Of the four fouls received in the loss to Galo, Raniele, from Avaí, became the player with the most fouls received: 24, in total, two more than Arrasca, vice-leader in this ranking.

Raised the flag … Calleri and Erison each offside again this round and remain in the lead on this scout, each with nine in total.

Closed house … After several leaders tied with SG in all rounds, we finally have a remote leader in this scout: defender Murilo, from Palmeiras, with four in total.

Look at him … member of Choosing Betfair in round #8, side Matheus Alexandre, from Coritiba, became the player with the most tackles in Cartola 2022. In just 1-0 win against Botafogo, there were seven, with a total of 29.

Opening toolbox … Midfielder Du Queiroz, from Corinthians, committed five fouls in the 1-1 draw with América-MG and now leads the standings, with 23 overall.


Igor Gomes received a red card against Ceará

Igor Gomes received a red card against Ceará

If you haven’t made any high marks in Cartola 2022, Igor Gomes, from São Paulo, was also not negative. the brand of -3.20with red and five fouls committed, was his first below zero in eight games valid for the game.

Igor Gomes (Sao Paulo)

scouts Spots
1 red card -3.00
5 fouls were committed -1.50
4 incomplete passes -0.40
1 foul was committed 0.50
1 disarmed 1.20
TOTAL -3.20

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