Carlos Brasil says Vasco has not yet “negotiated” for a technician and explained the process Basque

“Who will be Vasco’s next coach?” This is the question the fans have been asking for the last three days since Zé Ricardo resigned. Since then, dozens of names have spread on social media, but the truth is that no one is talking to the club. This was confirmed by football director Carlos Brasil after his victory against Náutico in Arruda for the 11th matchday of Serie B.

– We are looking calmly, there is no name yet, there is no negotiation – he said emphatically.

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Carlos Brasil, Vasco football director – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

The speech follows the line of President Jorge Salgado, who left the stadium a few minutes after the last whistle without many words: “Nothing fixed and no deadline,” he said as he hurried out.

It is clear that Vasco has names on the table, but what Carlos Brasil wanted to point out is that the football department has not yet set goals or started a relationship. The club is in the process of consolidating the criteria and talking to the managers and 777 members, which is close to acquiring 70% of Vasco football.

The first away victory, under the command of Emílio Faro, gives the board more time and peace of mind to find the next coach. chat with geBrazil has shown that there is no rush to define the name in the coming days. Read below:

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ge: how is the search for a new coach going? O Basque Have you set a goal yet?

Brazil: The processes are very well designed, in my opinion it is that we hire a coach not only by name, but in line with these processes. The budget must also be respected. We are looking calmly, there is no name yet, no negotiations. We are aligning the profile. Of course, we’ve already valued the names inside. I spent three days asleep for a few hours playing games, evaluating names, just as we evaluate players. Even if they don’t agree, the fans can have the peace of mind that we choose as part of a process.

You have to be the leader of the group, you can’t do anything in Vascon today. There is a respectable working group that looks at the processes. He has a paved game idea from the start. We built a new actor, they hired a lot, the budget was small and the group came together within that reality. We managed to bring in competitive and committed athletes. We want a technician to continue with what was built with Zé Ricardo.

O Basque so you’re in no hurry to hire a coach?

Every dog ​​has its day. We are taking care to bring the right person in the process, there are a lot of questions: the value of the commission, whether it will be accepted by the coach, whether it works or not … There is a lot of profile, game idea and alignment. processes. It takes days. The professionals here are very competent and can fix this absence for a while.

Does the victory of Náutico increase the confidence between Emilio Faro? Can the club keep quiet while looking for a replacement for Zé Ricardo?

Confidence is not about winning, but trust is in the process. We had no doubt that everything would go well, and the win would give more peace of mind to the fans, the fans who do not live the daily life of the club and do not see their work up close. Seeing that we are well-served for fans and that we can be more relaxed in choosing what is best for the boards and 777s.

Talk to 777 more about this partnership. In addition to looking for a coach, what is the analysis of the players, considering that the transfer window will reopen in July?

This collaboration is almost daily. They are people who are keen to take over the club, although we need to share what is happening for ethical reasons. There are 777 more cores inside the club now. And there’s an analysis of the market, with professionals looking at players every day. Let’s understand the specific needs without compromising on budget. We put together a great actor, we knew that mistakes and ups and downs could happen. In the positions we understand to bring, we will work with management and 777.

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