Cardano, Polkadot and four other altcoins explode in 2022, says Austin Arnold by Cryptonizing

Cardano, Polkadot and four other altcoins will explode in 2022, says Austin Arnold

Altcoin Daily trader and host Austin Arnold believes the six major altcoins are gearing up for big rallies next year.

is on the list

In a recent update, the YouTube star told its 1,040,000 subscribers (MATIC) that it is gaining momentum after partnering with DraftKings, a $ 20 billion gaming company.

Arnold shares a statement from Paul Liberman of DraftKings Global Product and Technology explaining how the company is positioned to grow with Polygon.

“While the DraftKings market is still in its infancy, we are optimistic about the opportunities that blockchain, NFT, cryptocurrencies and more will present as we prepare for Web 3.0 with new innovations for Polygon and digital collection.”

on the list of exploding altcoins

Arnold then examines the Polkadot decentralized interoperability platform (DOT). Gavin Wood points out a recent tweet from the founder of Polkadot, explaining that there are currently less than 19 million DOT tokens in the DOT treasury to fund community projects.

If a DOT is not used, it is burned. Polkadot Hoard is burning 239,988 tokens a month, according to Gavin Wood.

“Burning or using DOT tokens is becoming increasingly scarce. We recently saw a rise in the price of DOT. This could be linked to some exciting future developments, such as the launch of the parachain and slot auctions; these parachain auctions will also be taken out of the DOT market.

And next month’s auction of the first 11 parachutes coming to Polkadot, with about 100 seats to fill, could increase Polkadot’s presence in the cryptography industry and consolidate the growing state of the multi-chain system.


The third of the altcoins Arnold examines is the VeChain supply chain management protocol (VET). The trader stated that VeChain had recently partnered with the large logistics company DHL for the corporate issuance of NFT (non-fungible token).

“One of the first things this partnership with DHL China will allow customers to try is customizing the DHL pet and then creating it as an NFT in VeChainThor’s blockchain solution.”

cannot be excluded from the list of exploding altcoins

Then comes the smart contract platform (ADA). Arnold noted that Cardano appears to be gaining momentum after partnering with satellite TV provider DISH and that the network has received $ 100 million for investments in Cardano-based projects in Africa.

“In short, there is a lack of financial stability in more developed areas of the world, and that could change with Cardano with the blockchain.”


Another coin on Arnold’s list is the decentralized oracle network (LINK). He noted that despite the poor performance of the token in recent months, he believes that there is still a huge advantage for LINK in the market, as the partnership continues to grow month by month, with 84 integrations in September alone.

“I understand, but I think Chainlink still has a lot of room to grow. Think about it: Chainlink already has many great partnerships with big companies – Google (NASDAQ 🙂 and Oracle (NYSE :), to name a few – more than 75 different blockchains use Chainlink technology, which many use. data feeds including USD [dólar americano] currency pairs. That’s a solid foundation.

My speculation is that in the coming years, according to DApp platforms [aplicativo descentralizado] as [ETH]Cardano, [SOL]Polkadot, [EGLD], etc. keep fighting for market share … Chainlink is integrating with all of them … something to think about. “

Finally, only Ethereum

Finally, the retailer believes that Ethereum is leading the smart contract platform for a big 2022. Ethereum developers have announced plans to transition to Ethereum 2.0 in May-June 2022, which will turn the blockchain into evidence. betting protocol.

“The code should be ready by February 2022. Join the main network for ETH 2.0, at least in June 2022. Next year will be known as the year of ETH. There’s DeFi [finanças descentralizadas]there are NFTs. ‘


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